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14 November 2016

Best Free Games For Kids to Learn and Improve Brain Power

Bloom Kingdom is a free to play puzzle game by Bearwolf Studios, where you control 2 heroes (1 male and 1 female) on a hexagon grid field. You use these customizable heroes to collect Blooms and cause massive chain reactions. The More Blooms that cascade, the bigger the rewards. To help you on your journey, you have unique pets with special powers, and in-level power-ups as Flowers. Along the way you will run into enemies who will try to destroy the Blooms and hinder your progress. It’s quick and intuitive to learn, but at the same time difficult to master.

Bloom Kingdom has many features:
- 60+ Levels (plus secret levels) & 2 Kingdoms (more in the works)
- 18 Heroes & 13 Pets with different abilities to choose from
- 7 Blooms & 5 Powerups to help you finish the levels
- 3 Enemies to stop you from finishing the levels
- and countless hours of fun!

The game is currently in Halloween mode which will be limited time only. Here is the Teaser trailer:

Here is the Halloween gameplay video from the official YouTube channel of Bloom Kingdom:

..and here is the first 10 minutes gameplay video from me without any commentary:

Do you like puzzles and games? Try to solve Einstein's Riddle or consider playing these cute puzzle games from Japan, Angry Birds Alternatives, Flappy Bird Alternatives, or Guitar Hero Alternatives to keep your mind sharp and active all the time! Studies show that the human brain starts slowing down at around age 30. But you can boost your brainpower by adding simple habits to your daily routine. When you exercise your mental activity, your brain produces new neurons, sharpening your mind and strengthening your memory. Brain exercise games to get mentally fit is also associated with better mental functioning in old age.

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