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21 March 2011

JotForm Send Files Straight to your Dropbox

online file uploadJotForm, the first web-based WYSIWYG form builder, allows users to create and publish web forms using your browser... but that's just the start. Take this brand new feature just added to JotForm; you'll be glad you did!

As you may know, Dropbox is an online file synchronization service that comes in the form of a web interface and an application available for many different platforms (PC, Mac, Android and more). It's an easy way to share files between multiple devices and a good alternative to emailing stuff to yourself.

Now you can connect your JotForm forms to your Dropbox accounts. Here's how it works: each time someone fills out a form, the results get sent straight into a JotForm folder in your Dropbox so you don't have to download attachments from your email each time someone sends you a file.

It gets even better. Conveniently, this integration isn't limited to form attachments. The creative minds at JotForm have made it so that the form results (in a PDF file) are sent in as well. How great is that? You can now access your form responses quicker than ever before using your computer with Dropbox installed, or your phone with the Dropbox app.

JotForm has set up a dedicated Create a Dropbox Form page that will allow you to easily set up a sample form with Dropbox integration pre-installed. You can also enable Dropbox on your current forms by going into the Submissions page for your desired form, clicking the Preferences icon at the upper right, and selecting Send Submissions to Dropbox, like so:

DropBox setup in JotForm

For either choice you will be taken through a small wizard. Enter your Dropbox credentials and you're in. Now here's an example of what would happen if you follow the aforementioned procedure. Check out this example of a form I've set up with Dropbox integration. Someone has filled it out and attached some files:

Creating an Online Form

The sender clicks "Submit Form", and done! Dropbox reports that three new files have been added:

DropBox Notification icon

Your DropBox folder on your desktop

Now here's where JotForm's WYSIWYG nature kicks in. JotForm will organize responses for you, saving you time. It will put responses in a JotForm folder in your Dropbox and sort those responses by form name (in case you have multiple forms set up for Dropbox) and ID. You can also configure the integration so that it names response folders based on what the user typed for their Name or their Email instead of the ID, or even throw everything into the form folder without sorting. It's up to you!

How can users put JotForm to best use? We foresee using JotForm as making it easier for site managers to share user photos, for instance. Since such a site would have loads of uploads each day, having all of them downloaded automatically to your computer would definitely be quick and easy. Compare it to the current alternative: drilling through a bunch of emails and manually downloading each and every attachment your loyal users have sent you. Ugh!

This article was written by Rey M. Levenstein, a tech trend-watcher who
has previously written for Sync Blog and now manages WAFFLE.

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17 January 2011

Not Enough Startups

lend a handEverything in life is like a tree. It all starts with a seed. Provided the right conditions, the seed sprouts and grows into a well rooted tree. However, all trees require constant attention, from pre-seed until maturity, so as to provide fruit and continue to mark a spot on Earth for centuries. Trees are our air. They are our homes. They give life, raw materials and fruits even in these times. Although the common perception is that these trees will never "run out" but if we continue our wasteful system, we will all perish.

Grow food without soil
Source: Indoor Gardening Hydroponics

Source: The Visual Dictionary (#infographic)

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07 January 2011

Angry Birds Alternative Games Online

Angry birds gameWith more than 50 million downloads across all platforms, the game has been named one of the most popular games out at the moment. Angry Birds has been exalted for its wonderful union of addictive gameplay, humorous style and cheap price. Its popularity has brought about offers to develop versions of Angry Birds for PCs and consoles, a market for goods combining its heroes and even long-term plans for a movie or TV series.

angry birds onlineThe goal is simple: Angry Birds must survive. Get revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the individual powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the pig’s castles. It has a challenging physics-based castle destruction and alot of replay value. Every level needs skill, logic, and brute force in order to vanquish the enemy.

The PC version for this game includes 195 levels -- that's hours of gameplay! Players can expect non-cost updates and extra levels in the game. Moreover there are individual enhancements available for the mobile version and free of charge. You can download this game (direct link 1 - direct link 2) or via the Intel App Up software. The Intel AppUp center allows you to skim through a range of applications for download to your netbook or other PC device.

Here are some of the latest alternative flash based physics games similar to the Angry Birds concept. It's not the same thing -- but hey, you can play them online. Let us know in the comments if you know more!

Bloons 2 – NinjaKiwi Games

Burst the desired amount of balloons for each level among 8 different worlds from the hit Bloons series.

Demolition Dude – Armor Games

Sling shot Demolition Dude into buildings but make sure not to get collateral damage. Hold down the first Mouse button and pull towards the direction you want sling shot Demolition Dude then let go.

Dummy Never Fails – Tanoku

Aim with the mouse and click to shoot the dummy. The distance from the canon determines the force. You have to impact the dummy against the goal object. The pain-o-meter shows how much pain the dummy is under and it should be as less as possible. Can you win all 52 levels?

Empire Island – Armor Games

Your island is under attack so build up your defences and control towers so as to destroy the approaching enemies.

Gravitee Wars – Kongregate

Launch missiles around planets to destroy the enemy before they destroy you! The arrow shows whos turn it is. Click and drag the unit to start aiming. The blue line shows where your shot will go. Release to fire. The gravity of the planets will attract your missiles. The bigger the planet, the more gravity it will have. The closer the missile is to a planet the more attracted to the planet it will be. Your missiles will take chunks out of the planets as the hit them. As planets get destroyed their gravity is reduced. Also you can use the keyboard controls. There is also a weapon shop for more weapons as you unlock them and section where you can upgrade your team members.

Paper Canon – Silver Games

The game of Paper Cannon is physics-based and you must shoot cannon balls that explode after a few seconds so as to destroy the one-eyed pink critters. Take control of the angle and power for the cannon with the mouse.

Vertigo: Gravity Llama – Oliver ‘Jindo ‘S-L

Travel through a collection of strange worlds, flipping gravity along the way in order to reach the star in each level. Use the spacebar for an anti-gravitational pull and use the keyboard arrow keys to direct your golden llama.

(13+) Destroy the Village – Spilgames

It takes a village to bring about a child, but it takes rockets to destroy a village. In order to play use the arrow keys to direct your rocket and destroy the village inhabitants as quick as possible, while also using few rockets.

(13+) Ricochet Kills 2 – Coolbuddy

Shoot with your gun and ricochet bullets off other obstacles to eliminate all the people in each level.

(13+) Gibbets – Notdoppler

Save the men hanging from the ropes because time is running out. To pull a bowstring press the mouse over the bow and holding the button move aside. Release the mouse button to shoot and try to aim on the rope the man in hanging on. To pass the level you have to save as many people as shown beside the person icon. The amount of arrows for each level is limited.

(13+) Gibbets 2 – Notdoppler

Save the innocent people on a noose by shooting their nooses with the bow and arrow. Try not to miss! This game is the same concept as Gibbets 1 however the features are more extensive.

crush castle(13+) Crush the Castle series - Armor Games

Crush the Castle games are perhaps some of the most addictive flash-based games since Angry Birds. It will be difficult to stop once you have started so make sure you have enough time to play.

The player controls a trebuchet and the aim is to knock down different castles for every level so as to kill all the dwellers. As you progress through these games you gain different ammunition for the trebuchet and use physics based technology to knock over the castles.

For these games you will need Flash Player 10.

1. Castle Clout - Return of the King

2. Crush the Castle - Armor Games

3. Crush the Castle 2 - Armor Games

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