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16 March 2010

Best things in Life are Free

Here is a free offer: Follow me, I'll follow you. Please leave your blog addresses in the comments for me to check it out. You can also find me on my site, this blog (RSS), Twitter, and Google - where the same offer applies (my offer also extends to other networks connected via these profiles). I had a Facebook account but it was disabled because they think having too many "friends" or connections is a bad thing. Now, I can't access any content I've uploaded there and contacts of 1000 REAL people at the time with whom I've connected at different levels. Oh no! =[

In any case, this offer is non-exclusive and I will follow you without condition. However, if I don't find merit in your content after some time I may stop following and I suggest you do the same if that is the case. Oh and when I do find merit, I will continue following and share your ideas with the World.

Looking forward to your comments,

ilker yoldas.

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