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17 February 2010

Do You See a Problem Here?

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08 February 2010


Here is the deal; but keep breathing as you read. I've been working on this question for about 25 years. Never quite got around into putting it efficiently so I tried not to post much. The answer to the meaning of life is re-evaluating and saving time! You could save lives by simply thinking. Also time is not money - its just a ruler we invented. So, we are only slaves to time until we find a way to live forever (or cheat by bending time?). Therefore, all other systems will eventually FAIL but this one.

Australian future scientists or 'futurists' Richard Watson and Ross Dawson prepared an extinction timeline showing the likely FAILS by 2050:

2012 Dial-up internet access
2013 Fax machine
2014 Getting "Lost"
2016 Pensions, 'gay' bar, computer mouse
2020 Copyright
2022 Blogs, spelling rules, Maldives
2023 Non-working weekends, Paris Hilton
2024 Desktop computer, AM radio
2025 Free highway / bandwidth.
2026 Lunch, FM radio, sincerity, wrinkles
2030 Key, childhood, reality television
2033 Coins
2034 Cheap travel, Bangladesh
2035 Mid-Range, petroleum, spam, Aborijinler, Microsoft
2036 Petroleum-operated vehicles, addiction
2037 Glacier, natural ways to have children
2038 Wars
2039 "Excuse me", the European Union
2040 Wallets, free public places, carbon emissions, paper money, deafness
2042 Ties
2044 Future scientists
2049 Google, blindness
After 2050: Cosmetic surgery, physical pain, ugliness, death

Economy problem? Solution: Time Based Currency. Well, given that my real wallet is empty I think I need to find a way to survive first. I propose let's all work together in building an open cloud system that any user could log in from any where using any device (all sharing idle machine resources with the network) and log their thoughts easily and trade them with other people's time. Since every product, service or thought is a process they could all be transferable. Every one should be able to keep their thoughts (or time-line) private if they wanted, share them with just family, or friends in their network. If they think they solved a process quicker (i.e. play the game called "real life"), they could share it with the World at that precise leapsecond and get paid by the time it saves from all people. Let's prioritize our system using Maslow's essentials but allow user to prioritize their own lives (and use technology only when needed).

I think it's a great time we the creative people to re-think our priorities. Since they gave all the money back to those who drowned this economy in the first place, let them keep it. Let's make it worthless to them. Let's save one person at a time. Save yourself first. Then save your mother, father and family. Then your friends. Then other people. If today everyone used such a "website" it would bring the World standards forward by 30 years! It would be a small leap for yourself, but a big leap for humankind.

Help us save us! Let's build the most productive virtual system ever that we could use to get on with our business (or "thoughts" so to speak) and make it interfere less with our lives and play/energize time. It could be a simple community website and ubuntu that is fully secure that we could use to pay others for the time they rightfully deserve and cut out all the middle-men. Ultimately, an open global community is the only way forward. We would never see ads and spam if we could access the products we actually needed.

I'm available to work on this project at UTC+2 to discuss further and offer my time to design the best interface we could. Surely we could have some people interested in having a go at the back-end or even build some hardware? Who knows, think of a smart watch that helps people survive and live for example. I have great ideas and I'm very passionate about my work but I'm very new to the open source community, how do we even begin?

PAYTIME: That would be 5 minutes please, for saving us X years of time - thank you! [FREE payment options: help mankind, join this network or keep thinking!] Time-back not offered with this content. Some rights reserved. =]

Change is inevitable!

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