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25 June 2008

Malware: The Difference Between Quarantine and Delete

Just wanted to share a nifty information I found while trying to decide whether I should quarantine or delete malwares from my computer today. Apparently, the idea of having the "quarantine" option when an antivirus detects an infected file is to avoid false positives. If by chance the antivirus software wrongly flags a file as "bad" when the file is actually something you need, like a critical program (for example Explorer.exe in Windows) such that deleting it might cause the computer to stop working, quarantine allows it to simply restore it back.

Anything in quarantine is safely segregated from the rest of your computer, it cannot run from there, so it can do no harm. So the general advice is to put the infected files in quarantine for a while you go about your normal computer activities. If everything continues to run properly after a reasonable period of time (say, about a week or two), then delete the files in quarantine permanently.

Be safe and always quarantine first!

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21 June 2008

Indomitable Turks Stun Euro 2008

"Expect Emotions" goes the slogan to Euro 2008. People certainly experienced some. What no one expected was that Turkey would deliver the biggest emotional wallop. Go up a goal against "The Comeback Kings" and you will lose. Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and now Croatia. The scoreline yesterday said 4-2 but something much more was achieved as Turkey reached the semi-finals for the first time. Just six years ago they accomplished a similar feat at the World Cup in 2002.

Now they're up against Germany. Depleted and without most of its squad, Turkey looks to shake the soccer gods. Germany better watch out. Their reputation as a team that can never be counted out is seriously being challenged.

Support for the Turkish team in Turkey is as incredible as it is in Europe's stadiums. Almost all the commercials on TV show some form of red and white glory. There is one that really stands out in every aspect. It depicts the Turkish players as powerful robots with real hearts and gives them a collective brand name called "Turko." Apparently it is the biggest Turkish CGI (Computer Gaphics Interface) project made to date. Take a look at this epicness:

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09 June 2008

Guitar Hero Clones: Play Online (Flash) or Download for Free

Guitar Hero. The legendary game series that sold over 14 million units, earning over US$1 billion, since it was first released on PlayStation 2 in 2005. The franchise has made a significant cultural impact, such that it became a cultural phenomenon, making regular appearances in parties and locales. Several bars in the United States are offering "Guitar Hero nights" as an alternative to karaoke. Even an entire South Park episode was dedicated to the game!

Such a popular game is bound to have some clones. Well, in fact we found 14 of them! Surely there must be more, and if you know please comment, but we found Frets On Fire to be the best. It's simply the most advanced; It has a built-in song editor that allows editing and creating songs, it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux - last but not least - it's open source. Please indulge:

UPDATE: Jam Legend

Shred Master [Play]

Tenacious D [Play]

Flash Hero [Play]

Super Crazy Gitar Maniac Deluxe [Play]

Super Crazy Gitar Maniac Deluxe 2 [Play]

Super Crazy Gitar Maniac Deluxe 3 [Play]

Coolio Beat [Play]

Coolio Beat 2 [Play]

Another Guitar Hero Clone [Info | Download]

Rock Star [Info | Download]

Unsigned [Info | Download]

Guitar Zero [Info (link currently down) | Download]

Frets On Fire [Info | Download]

Accordion Hero [Play]

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