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01 January 2008

POLL: Best Picture Worth A Thousand Words of 2007

This year we are going to try a new concept that we call "social blog" here. Now every social website has a form of determining the "best" of something whether it be by digging, upmodding, or simply by letting the users or readers contribute. As far as blogs and websites are concerned, there are only a few things the editor could do - is to choose which things he or she considers the best. There is a problem with this because the results will be very subjective. Something that the editor likes might not be the same as what you like. So, why not put a poll on that and see what you think?

As you all know, we have an ongoing series of posts called the "Pictures Worth A Thousand Words" and over the past year we published 15 pictures that we thought were worth the pause and pondering. However, in order to choose the "best" - or shall we say, the one that made us think the most - we will need your help. Here the pictures of 2006 for your viewing and voting pleasure:

01. Keyboard Boy (18 thoughts)

02. HIV Positive (16 thoughts)

03. My First Cell Phone (9 thoughts)

04. War On What? (11 thoughts)

05. Atomic Water (11 thoughts)

06. We Did This (22 thoughts)

07. Love is Like Oxygen (12 thoughts)

08. Polluted River (11 thoughts)

09. Tech Age (7 thoughts)

10. End War (3 thoughts)

11. Free Burma (9 thoughts)

12. Waiting (14 thoughts)

13. No Not Me (5 thoughts)

14. Smoking Kills (4 thoughts)

15. Keep Going (3 thoughts)


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