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27 January 2008

7 Tips on How To Increase Your Life-span

Let's say you are married and you regularly argue with your wife or husband. In actual fact, this event increases your life-span! Research conducted in the University of Michigan on 192 individuals, it was discovered that 26% of all couples who consistently argue, add years to their life-span. The Turkish Sabah Newspaper lists the most interesting health reports as the following:

While watching a Football match the likelihood of suffering a heart attack increases by 25%. The reason for this is because football enthusiasts concentrate as hard as those players who are playing on the field.

Research from the German Female Doctors Union has pinpointed that conducting half an hour of physical activity every day, is beneficial for conditions of Osteoporosis.

According to studies conducted on 9 thousand and 514 people in the U.S it was discovered that the consumption of red meat and acidic beverages together can increase the incidence of heart and diabetic diseases.

Leave your child to be dirty. Scientists have noted that babies who are always situated in a hygenic environment are more likely to develop cyclical cancer.

According to the Japanese Heath Institute, women who intake vitamin supplements during pregnancy can further reduce depression by 50%.

Studies conclude that egg and rice can improve the ability to learn faster. Fish, chicken, bananas and grain products can calm anxiety in people. Whereas red meat, beans and milk maintain the functioning of the brain.

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