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08 December 2007

The Thinking Blog Online Store?

An interesting and flattering email dropped in my inbox a while back from Derek Anderson of Widgets Lab. He asked me where to get a Thinking Blog t-shirt and if they even exists. I haven't thought about this before and perhaps it's time to think about it right now. There is one site that I follow regularly, it has a store in which the author sells shirts and other stuff at no profit. I think I might be able to do the same thing. However, what should the designs be like?

There are some graphics that could be readily used from the wallpaper and the banners with different slogans on them. I'm not sure as to what to go with and would like to ask you the same question I asked Derek. Could give me some feedback as to what you might enjoy wearing, what type of clothes (hoddie, shirt... etc.) and the design/slogan on it?

The other question in my mind is which store to have these produced by. I've heard that the stuff you get from CafePress are not as nice or longer lasting than some other stores like Brunetto or GoodStorm. What was your experience with merchandise from these store if you made previous purchases? Any other ideas?

Oh and here is one design that we could use:

What do you think?

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