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24 December 2007

POLL: Vote For the Best Ruff PC Review (and Video) - Round 2

Upon much discussion on the previous poll, we decided to break this giveaway down to 3 rounds. We received quite a few comments and emails like how people are supposed to read all the 80 reviews, and concerns about "bribing" for votes among other things led us to take this measure to allow the best reviewer win - not the one with most loyal friends. This is not a popularity contest and we hope the giveaway goes for the one who deserve it most. For a prize of this size, it is much more logical to have a few rounds rather than voting it off in a single poll. So, this is how it will be.

From the total 80 reviews, Top 20 made it to the second round and you have 5 days to vote for the best. On December 30th, Top 5 of round 2 poll will make it to the final round and those finalists will be voted down to one winner in another 5 days. The winner will be announced on Friday, January 4th 2008 on a separate post, and Ruff PC will get in touch with you to send out your Christmas New Year's gift.

There are a few rules as to how you can collect your votes this round. You can't spam people or bribe them with money. Use of any other non-monetary incentives like giving out links, kisses or candy is fine. However, you can vote only once and any violation of these rules or gaming the system will leave the participant out of the giveaway. So, no cheating. It's holiday season people - let's keep the spirit up.

Following is the Top 20 reviews from the first round in reverse order. If you don't have time to read them all, just read a few random ones until you find a review that you think is worthy of your vote. Merry Christmas and good luck!

LIST OF SEMI-FINALISTS (Votes from Previous Round)

01. John Chow Dot Com (5)

02. Homespun Honolulu (5)

03. Zero Hour Sleep (5)

04. Everything and Anything (5)

05. Jim's Rants (6)

06. Great Giveaways (6)

07. Samuel Nova (6)

08. Nakichiam (8)

09. Tim Christie (8)

10. Evangelical's Anonymous (10)

11. In The Brink of the Mental Warzone (10)

12. Kissowa Insider (14)

13. Drops of Blood (15)

14. Bloggrrl (17)

15. Must Read Files (21)

16. Love and Horny (23)

17. Widget's Lab (55)

18. Search for Blogging (73)

19. TechTreak - Review 1 and Review 2 (85)


UPDATE 1: Forgot to mention that votes from previous round will be added to the poll to choose the finalists. So, your efforts to gather votes are not wasted. Here are the results from the first round (click on it to see the PollDaddy report):

UPDATE 2: We also started a little side-contest, if you will, for the videos that were created by the reviewers. The rights of the best video will be bought by Ruff PC and used on the website, commercials..etc like Apple did. If you haven't already created a video, you can join now by mashing up something in less than 10 minutes using Animoto, send us your URL via email, and we will add it here. The following are the videos created so far and they are up for votes as well. The same route applies: Top 5 videos that make it to the final round will be voted again, counting the votes from this round as well, to choose the winner.


01. TechTreak - Demo 1

02. TechTreak - Demo 2


UPDATE 3: Wordout emailed me and opted out of the giveaway. Good luck to the rest of you!

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