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12 November 2007

Find Missing DLL Files Online

Isn't it frustrating when you can't open some programs in Windows just because one file is missing? DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library and DLLs are one those necessary files that are shared by several applications - including Microsoft Windows itself. These files sometimes enjoy deleting themselves for no reason and it can be a pain to restore them. Well, sometimes when you remove a program using Uninstall, it removes all files it installed during the installation progress along with the DLLs used by the program that are also used by other programs.

This problem often shows up in an error window that reports: "A Required DLL File, xxxx, was not found" or "The procedure entry point xxxx couldn't be located in xxxx.DLL" when you try to run an application, but can also manifest itself more quietly as programs not working properly.

The quickest solution to this problem can be by getting the DLL file from one of the following sites and moving it to the directory that it is supposed to be. Unless you have perfect memory, it might be a good idea to note the message in the error window before closing it.
Simply search the missing DLL file, download it and place it where it belongs!

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