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02 October 2007

What Do You Think? Review Contest 5

Welcome to 5th and final round of The Thinking Blog review contest. The reason this will be the final round is because I don't get any more reviews, have little time left from doing freelance graphic design and I'm done improving my blog's look - at least for a while. You can check out the previous winners of the free blog re-design in round 1, round 2, round 3 and round 4. Once again I would like to thank the following bloggers who took the time to write a review or just mentioned the contest:

Honorable Mentions:

Lost Reviews: One review link was broken but I will give the link here anyway. The Junky's Wife (broken link)

Blog Design Winner: Pearl's Interesting Observations. The re-design couldn't be implemented perfectly yet - but here is the favicon . Thank you for this honest review Pearl!

For those who didn't review The Thinking Blog yet: Well, now it's too late (at least to get a linkback or a re-design). Though stay tuned because I will have a big contest coming soon with a real prize.

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