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02 October 2007

Wanted: Thinking Writers

think different

People sometimes leave a comment like "What kind of thinking blog is this?" or like "I thought this was a thinking blog." Well, it is about the stuff that makes me think and topics that I hope you find are worth pondering on too. However, I do it so that there is still something left to discuss. Hence, it would be no surprise that most posts here will not tell you what to think (or what I think, for that matter). If it still doesn't feel right, here is a chance to show how a thinking blog really SHOULD be!

Last time I published a post like this one, I was looking for guest writers who were interested in writing a "thinking" article. This time, however, I'm also looking for permanent writers who would be interested in writing "thinking" articles on a regular basis - and if you need some incentives, I'm willing to give them!

This is a great opportunity to expose yourself to a whole new audience and also get some link love at the same time. Your article will include a sentence like "This is a guest post by [insert name and link to your blog here]." Readers who enjoy your style will definitely click through and even subscribe to your RSS feed. You can link to anywhere relevant in the post, including your own blog, and include as many images or videos as you like (the more the better).

Couple of ground rules:

1. No Religion
2. No Politics
You can write about anything else. If you need some inspiration, browse some of the categories, have a look at the all-time most popular posts, go for a random post if you are feeling lucky, or check out the "thinking" posts of the past on one page by clicking these: 2006, 2007, 2008.

How to contribute: All you need to do is email me your entry with the subject "TTB - [insert appropriate catchy HEADLINE here]", I will edit and publish it. Don't forget to include your name and blog URL so I can give the appropriate credit with the post. If you wish to introduce what you write about on your blog, feel free to include a short descriptive sentence like "[NAME] writes many times a week about [TOPIC]." Important: I will not publish duplicate content. Please submit original articles exclusively for The Thinking Blog and don't post it elsewhere on the net.

Meanwhile, make sure you have the RSS feed or have the posts delivered to your email so you don't miss out on your daily dose of fuel to keep thinking!

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