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01 October 2007

Kill Some Time with Digital Toys

Feel like throwing some people around? Perhaps you need something that can cheer you up. Japanese designer, Masayuki Kido, creates a new type of experience for Internet surfers slackers with his interactive flash websites. You can pull certain objects around the screen and get a realistic physical response from the amount of "force" you apply.

Ragdoll physics are a type of procedural animation that is often used as a replacement for traditional static death animations. There are two digital toys you can play with: Toy1 and Pictaps. The latter is a painting application where the figures you draw comes alive and start dancing. Here is a nice example of Digg's creator Kevin Rose. Both toys are quite original and made purely for fun!

As for a designer, it should have been a challenge to get the physics right. What use might this technology be? Check out homepage of the firm he currently works under: Defide Inc.

Do you know any other applications or digital toys? Share them in the comments.

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