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20 October 2007

Blog Tip: Do NOT Put Adsense on Your Blog

Make Money AdsenseSeriously. Just because a handful of people made money from placing Adsense on their blogs years ago doesn't mean you can too. Times have changed and many people regard Adsense as something spammers use to scrape money from their splogs - and certainly you wouldn't want to be regarded as one of them despite the big difference in post quality. If there was one thing I wished I had known 6 months ago before I placed Adsense on my blog, it would be this one.

There were 1,552,590 visitors (or more accurately, page impressions) on this blog ever since I placed Adsense and only 388 of those visitors decided to click. Today my earnings from Adsense stands at $93.40 and my that $100 mark to get the first check seems so far away. That is the reason why, when I read some really interesting posts on other blogs, I click on the Adsense before I exit the site - hoping it will be of some help for the author to pay the bills.

Perhaps not everyone experience the same thing but the damage Adsense ads made to my reputation is far greater than the reward - when I get it. Now when I look back I understood that is wasn't worth it and I will remove Adsense from my blog when it hits $100. Taking private advertisements targeted towards readers' interests is much more relevant for the advertiser and does a lot more help in terms of covering the costs of the blog.

Finally, I would like to thank those who take the time to visit the blog and click on things. You might not realize it but it is one way of helping the authors for the free content published here everyday. Thank you!

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