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01 September 2007

Unveiled: World's First Turkish Sportscar

True Story. In a car exhibition, 4 years ago, a Turkish businessman who wasn't allowed to inspect Lamborghini's latest sportscar decided to create his own. Turkey now has a new automobile manufacturer, and Etox (established 2006) has produced a prototype worth drooling over. The Zafer [Victory], a punchy two-seater which packs 272bhp with a top-of-the-range 3-liter V6 engine, was unveiled on 30th August - Victory Day in Turkey.

Etox is the first Turkish automobile manufacturer dedicated exclusively to building sports cars. Its first model, the Etox Zafer, will become the first ever Turkish sports car. Designing the Zafer took 6 months after testing and surveying among hundreds of other prototypes. The latest prototype was created by 46 Turkish engineers in 2 years. The 100,000 kilometer quality tests of the Etox Zafer are currently under way.

The license for mass production of the Etox Zafer has been granted by the Turkish Government and the company aims to produce 20 cars per annum in its first year of production. Etox is envisioning to produce up to 500 cars per annum in the coming years. Etox is almost 100% manufactured and assembled in Turkey. Only the engines are imported from a French auto manufacturer company. Etox is planning to develop its own engines within 2 years time.

The price tag? A modest $56,900.

Here are the videos of the beast in action and more photos after the jump:



Etox Zafer

Turkish Sportscar

Turkish Superscar

Etox Zafer Sportscar

Turkish Car

Turk Otomobil

spor otomobil

Yerli spor otomobil
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