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01 September 2007

Scrabble + Dominos = Monopoly Loads of Fun!

QuartileHere is a contest that will definitely make you think - if you win! The game that I'm about to introduce you today is really easy to play but really difficult to explain the amount of fun you get playing it. It's a brand new game called Quartile created by our friend Steve De Chellis (also known as HMKTSteve in the community). Basically this guy makes board games for a living and he knows really well how to keep people thinking. What's more, Steve is offering up a contest to give out the limited-edition, hand-crafted prototypes of Quartile made from stone marble!

First of, this isn't your average ugly box of board games you want to hide away from your guests. This is a work of art in its purest forms and I have never seen another game prettier than this. The copy I own is one which is built from wood and it came with an equally gorgeous wooden box with dark cherry finish. For some reason I can't find the words to describe this thing so I will steal Skeet's:
"I love touchable art and Quartile is certainly that. Don’t you just want to carress those lovely wood tiles? There’s something very satisfying about holding and touching wooden art. The Quartile game pieces are fine art, crying out to be touched and played with. I can enjoy a well-crafted game made of paper, cardboard and plastic, but the experience is taken to a whole new level when the game also provides a visual and tactile pleasure. Quartile qualifies!"
Seriously, this thing looks so good, I just want to eat it! Hmmmm, dark cherry.

The rules of the game are simple and you can play Quartiles with 2 to 6 players. Each player takes four tiles from the lot of 49 tiles and the first player places a tile next to the starting tile. The next player then places a tile such that the dots in the touching sides of the tiles must add up to the number in the center of the new tile being played. Your score is the center number of the placed tile. This is where it gets insanely fun: Your score is multiplied when you place a tile touching more than one tile but the dots must match the center number of the tile played. It is similar to monopoly in the way that you want to score more and more points with each tile you play. Eventually, you start looking in the eyes of your friends opponents hoping they won't place a tile in the space you thought of placing your tile for a great bounty.

You can also watch the flash video that shows you these rules in less than 10 minutes. Steve wrote that "this game is great for teaching basic math skills as well as spatial thinking and planning ahead skills. I know you will enjoy it just as much as I do." However, he forgot to add that it is addictive too!

The rules of the contest are even simpler. If you would like to win one of the 50 marble prototypes, you can either purchase a wooden copy of Quartiles from him or blog about this new game. The contest will end on September 15, 2007 - so you little time. Hurry up before it's too late!

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