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13 September 2007

Lamest Edit Wars of Wikipedia: Nintendo Wii

Occasionally, Wikipedians lose their minds and get into edit wars over the most petty things. Take, for example, Wii's page. Is this article about "Wii" or "Nintendo Wii"? If it's "Wii," should it be called just "Wii" or "the Wii"? Or maybe "Nintendo's Wii"? Does it rhyme with "We" or "Wee"? Should "Wee" link to urine? Is "Wee" slang or a euphemism for urine? Is it a British or International word for urine? Is it even worth mentioning in the article at all?

Just some of the hard-hitting issues that provoked in excess of 1500 edits in the space of two weeks - long before the console was even released, and shortly before a massive war breaks out over "non-official external links" that leads to a huge strawpoll to end the issue, and continuing debates over whether the official or unofficial names of the console and its accessories (for example, the "Wii Remote" aka "Wii-mote" aka "Wiimote") are more commonly used and which ones should be mentioned in which articles.

There is a long list (and I mean looooooooong) on the wiki page but not all of them are as funny as this one - some are just plain lame. Therefore, here is a yes/no poll for you to choose if you want me to pick out the best ones every now and then to make a new series of posts:

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