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03 September 2007

10 Cute (and Addictive) Flash Games from Japan

The Japanese are probably the best when it comes to creating cute characters. Not many people might like Pokemon and the likes but Pikachu, for example, is adorable for a fighting pocket monster! Moreover, cute cartoon characters don't just appear in animated movies. They're everywhere; Creative ads, visual arts, and even online games! Here is a collection of simple but fun little puzzle games made in Japan - of course, if you willing to kill a few hours!

The flash games are created by a Japanese game designer known as "ON" from Eyezmaze. The Grow games involve adding various items into the game world. Depending on the order of addition, previously added items will "grow" and interact with each other. To complete the game, the player must discover the correct order to finish with all the items at their 'maximum level', at which point the player is rewarded with an end-game animation.

Such attention to detail went into every aspect of its graphics, animation and sound that even if you can't find the correct order, you will still experience delightful surprises! All these games are remarkably easy to play and possess a richness of gameplay and excellence in design that together make them accessible, challenging and rewarding.

Be warned though, they are extremely addictive - in the sense that you can stop playing until you finish the puzzle. If you get stuck at some point, however, you can get help by clicking the "Show Solution" buttons

(NOTE TO RSS READERS: You might see the solutions readily because RSS doesn't include the CSS styling so STOP SCROLLING NOW and visit the article page if you don't want to read the spoilers). In any case, there are many funny outcomes when you don't get the solution to the puzzles as well.

Here is the recommended order of games, going from Easy to Difficult:

1. Grow nano vol.2: This is a mini version of the "Grow" game series. However, this game is much lower in difficulty than the other Grow games because it has only three items at the start. While the other games have thousands of possibilities this game only has six possible selections, making it the easiest Grow games.

Stick, Headband, Cape.

2. Grow Ornament: This is another version of previous Grow game, but this particular version is based on Christmas. The centerpiece is a large pine tree, and the selectable items are Christmas-themed. Click on any one of the items along the sides of the game window. Select the items in the correct sequence to level-up all items to their maximum and see the gorgeous and delightful ending.

Gift, Cloud, Heart, Lights, Ribbon, Star.

3. Grow ver.2: This is an older Grow game created by On, but not released to the public until after Grow Ornament. The player has to click on each item from the panel on the left or right of the forest clearing. These items eventually become creatures. While not as colorful as his other Grow games, this one features similar charming and deliciously strange characters and animation as all the others.

Cone, Cube, Paper, Cylinder, Hole, Ball.

4. Grow ver.3: This is the third version of the original Grow game, but the first one that was released. The player has to drag-and-drop each item from the panel on the left or right of the planet to the GROW logo in the center. Hint: There's more then one solution to this one.

- Ball, Cube, Hills, Egg, Ladder, Pipe, Propeller (black ring), Tornado, Gear, Dish, Fan, TV Screen.

- Ball, Cube, Hills, Egg, Ladder, Tornado, Fan, Pipe, Gear, Dish, Propeller, TV Screen.

- Cube, Ball, Hills, Ladder, Egg, Pipe, Fan, Gear, Tornado, Dish, Propeller, TV Screen.

- Cube, Pipe, Ball, Egg, Ladder, Hills, Gear, Fan, Tornado, Dish, Propeller, TV Screen

- Cube, Ball, Hills, Egg, Ladder, Pipe, Fan, Tornado, Gear, Dish, Propeller, TV Screen.

- Cube, Ball, Ladder, Egg, Hills, Pipe, Fan, Gear, Tornado, Dish, Propeller, TV Screen.

- Cube, Ladder, Egg, Ball, Hills, Pipe, Fan, Gear, Tornado, Dish, Propeller, TV Screen.

5. Grow RPG: While the game itself is not a role-playing game, it is set in the style of one, with the main character possessing attack and defense points. The boss monster at the top of the field will affect the game world after the player takes his turn, first by destroying regions of the terrain, then by growing monsters. Once all items have been added via the drag-and-drop interface, regardless of the order that they have been placed, an end scene plays. The progress of the main character in defending the kingdom during this end scene varies, depending on how much each item has grown.

House, Grass, Castle, Water, Tower, Rock, Chest, Stairs.

6. Grow Cube: This is the sequel to Grow RPG. Grow Cube employs more metamorphosis than Grow RPG, including the transformation of a bone into a lizard and the transformation of a spring into a mushroom. The gameplay is similar to the previous games except in this one you need only click on the items along the sides of the play field one-by-one. The order in which you click the items determines the outcome of the game.

Man, Water, Plants, Pot, Tube, Fire, White Pot, Bone, Spring, Ball.

7. Grow ver.1: This is the earliest numbered, yet latest released game in the series of Grow games. The player is presented with a sphere floating above an empty landscape, and is given a choice of two options. By clicking on one of the available options, animations unfold based on your choices. As the player progresses, the options are sometimes reduced to one. Instead of objects and levels, success is measured by a simple meter at the bottom. This is also the first game that has an "undo" feature that is unlocked only if you find the solution to the game.

Path 1

1: Nest - Ball becomes an egg
2: Sun - Egg hatches into Rotta
3: Bear Muzzle - Rotta becomes a small bear
4: Clover Treat - Bear splits into three
5: Train Track - Bears combine into a train and circle the track

Path 2

1: Nest - Ball becomes an egg
2: Sun - Egg hatches into Rotta
3: Bear Muzzle - Rotta becomes a small bear
4: Heart Treat - Bear grows giant

Path 3

1: Nest - Ball becomes an egg
2: Sun - Egg hatches into Rotta
3: Alarm Clock - Rotta grows four legs
4: Snail Shell - Rotta moves into the shell and becomes a snail creature

Path 4

1: Nest - Ball becomes an egg
2: Sun - Egg hatches into Rotta
3: Alarm Clock - Rotta grows four legs
4: Carrot - Rotta becomes a giraffe with leaves on its head

Path 5

1: Nest - Ball becomes an egg
2: Moon - Egg hatches into Pierrot
3: Hammer - Pierrot splits open and a Yellow Man pops out
4: Glue - Pierrot becomes Dark Pierrot and flies up with the Yellow Man

Path 6

1: Nest - Ball becomes an egg
2: Moon - Egg hatches into Pierrot
3: Block - Pierrot transforms into a block creature
4: Cross - Block becomes a coffin and opens to reveal a vampire

Path 7

1: Shovel - Ball is buried underground
2: Watering Can - A sprout grows
3: Milk Bottle - Sprout grows into an Udder Plant

Path 8 - Actual Solution

1: Shovel - Ball is buried underground
2: Watering Can - A sprout grows
3: Water Bottle - Sprout grows into a water-filled flower
4: Salt Paper - Flower grows into a blue planet
5: Island - Grass grows on the planet
6: Tree - A forest and scenery appear
7: Battery - The planet rotates revealing a CONGRATULATIONS! Message and Yellow Men appear beneath the planet

Path 9

1: Shovel - Ball is buried underground
2: Watering Can - A sprout grows
3: Water Bottle - Sprout grows into a water-filled flower
4: Salt Paper - Flower grows into a blue planet
5: Star - The planet grows into an Alex with blobs sticking out

Path 10

1: Shovel - Ball is buried underground
2: Vase - Ground splits open to see a small blob
3: Down Arrow - Blob falls down and becomes a White Tontie
4: Metal Jar - Metal Jar falls on Tontie and kills him

Path 11 - Nice Deadend

1: Shovel - Ball is buried underground
2: Vase - Ground splits open to see a small blob
3: Down Arrow - Blob falls down and becomes a White Tontie
4: Crown - Tontie grows into Tontie King and creates two Green Tonties
5: Pick Axe - Tonties dig a cavern and the King creates two more Tonties
6: Ladder - Tonties continue to build an underground city filled with a shop, beds, a secret cavern, and the King’s throne room

Path 12

1: Shovel - Ball is buried underground
2: Vase - Ground splits open to see a small blob
3: Left/Right Arrow - The blob splits into a two-faced worm
4: Blue Nuts - The blob grows into a Nabnab

Path 13

1: Shovel - Ball is buried underground
2: Vase - Ground splits open to see a small blob
3: Left/Right Arrow - The blob splits into a two-faced worm
4: White Nuts - The blob grows into a Double Nabnab

8. Chronon: As usual, On delights us with yet another creative and original game featuring strange and unusual characters. This time-based, adventure/escape-the-room type puzzle takes place in the dwelling of a creature that leaves early in the morning and returns in the evening. The objective of the game is to manipulate objects at various times throughout the day to complete the story. Click on items to act upon them, if possible, and change the time of day by clicking on the time buttons along the top of the game window. It's an ambitious design that requires careful analysis and observation to yield many results, and sometimes those results lead to "incorrect" endings.

Game start.

Click on 12:25.
Take wreath off the wall. Put clock on the wall.

Click on 14:55. Take the key from the clock.

Click on 6:15. Put the wreath on the table. Put the egg on the wreath. Open the window blinds behind the egg. Put the clock on the wall.

Click on 9:05. Lean the stone slab (the one in the fireplace) against the wall. Attach the rope to the winged creature. Click on the tail of the clock to attach it to the cage. Give the empty jug to the creature (NOT the round one).

Click on 9:45. Click on the rope to bring the creature back inside. Take the egg from the clock. Click on the wood underneath the cage.

Click on 12:25. Click on the ball on the creature's tail. Click on the rope. Click the round jug thats fill with water to move it to the left. Click the jug full of milk the creature is holding to put it on the right shelf. Click on the mirror on the wall.

Click on 14:55. Click on the wreath. Click the wood to combine the wreath and wood into a fire. Put the pot on the table and add Flour, the egg, sugar, yeast, and milk (NOT the water or poison). Take the clock off the wall.

Click on 18:10. Put the stone slab back into the fireplace. Put the pot into the fireplace. Put the clock back on the wall.

Click on 19:00. Congratulations! You have 100/100!

9. Galves Adventure: On released this game to celebrate the birth of a friend's baby. In this charming little point-and-click puzzle game you help baby Galves make it through to where the sleeping boss lion lay. Click on various items in the right sequence and at the appropriate times to advance the little baby up to the top, at which point a boss battle will commence. A reset button is included should you get stuck (and you will get stuck.) There are dead ends and multiple endings.

  1. Click on the gopher. He'll make the shoe stone fall to the second level.

  2. Click on the 1st and 3rd cave doors on the second level. They will open.

  3. Click on the barrel. The rope'll attach it to the elephant's trunk.

  4. Click on the elephant. He'll raise the barrel.

  5. Click on the baby. He'll go underneath the barrel and get the lips stone. (If the elephant has already lowered the barrel, click on the elephant again to raise it again.)

  6. Click on the baby again. He'll go underneath the spider web, where the spider will wrap him up.

  7. Click on the crab. He'll come out of his hole with his pincers raised.

  8. Click on the barrel. The elephant will raise and lower it. Click on it again. The third time the elephant raises it, the rope will break and the barrel will create a hole where the pipe is underneath the first level.

  9. Click on the pipe underneath the first level. This will make a cloud.

  10. When the cloud is directly over the boulder, click on the pipe near the center of the third level. This will create another cloud and the two will combine.

  11. When the cloud is directly over the gopher hole near the treasure chest, click on the pipe that's hidden behind the tree trunk on the second level. It's just to the left of the cave door on the far right. If you time it right, the cloud this pipe makes will combine with the other two clouds and create a thundercloud.

  12. When the thundercloud is over the cork, click the cloud. This'll break the cork and allow water to flow everywhere, making everything lush.

  13. Click on the bear. He'll get the first heart on the tree, and in the process fling the baby to the shoe stone, which he will get. (If you click on the heart instead of the bear, the heart will fall to the ground and then the bear will eat it, and in the process he will NOT fling the baby.)

  14. Click on the remaining heart on the tree to the right. It'll fall under the spider, and the spider will get it and put it in his web.

  15. Click on the bear again. He'll walk over to the left tree, get the other heart, and in the process fling the heart in the spider's web to the open cave door.

  16. Click on the crab. He'll climb up the vine.

  17. Click on the crab again. He'll unleash the baby from the spider's cocoon, and the baby will walk through the open cave door (hopefully you did this in step 2!) behind the waterfall and come out the other open cave door and get the heart.

  18. Click on the baby. He'll hold up the heart over his head.

  19. Click on the possum. He'll grab the heart and the baby (if the baby is still holding it over his head), and they'll have a fight and the baby will be tossed out onto the third level.

  20. Click on the gopher. He'll go back in his hole.

  21. Click on the baby. He'll try to open the treasure chest, and he won't
    be able to. Note that his pacifier blinks.
    Quickly, go on to
    the next step!

  22. While the baby's head is still cocked, click on the baby's pacifier. He will use his pacifier to unlock the chest and get the gold diapers!
    (Gold diapers, FTW!)The baby will then start crawling again, fall in the hole, and continue crawling until he's squashing the gopher.
    Quickly, go on to the next step!

  23. Click on the gopher. He'll move the baby back up to the third level where he will get the hand stone. You should have gotten all of the stones, and the boulder will turn to a red ball.

  24. Click the gopher. He'll go back down in his hole.

  25. Click the baby. He'll also go back down in the hole, and come out on top of the elephant.

  26. Click on the elephant. He'll suck up water through his trunk, and spew it out into a rainbow.

  27. While the rainbow is still showing, click on the baby. He'll slide down the elephant's trunk and climb up the rainbow.

  28. Wait for the thundercloud to get over the lion, and then click it. It'll zap the lion and reduce him to 35/100 health.

  29. Now you can play the mini grow game.
    Don't worry, if you mess up and don't get the correct ending, just click on whatever the ball turned into, and it will reset to the beginning of the mini grow game.
    If you really want to know, the correct order is hand, lips, shoe. Doing this will turn the ball into a dragon.

  30. Click on the dragon. He'll fly off the top of the screen, and then come back and hover where the baby is.
    Quickly, go on to the next step!

  31. Click the baby so he gets on the dragon. The dragon will deposit him on the very top level near the top of the waterfall.

  32. A fairy queen will show up and present the baby with two options. Choose the yellow ball. This'll transform the baby into a cupid, and the cupid will battle the already wounded lion and defeat him. (You don't need to do anything here.) Yay!

10. Dwarf Complete: Here is an adventure puzzle game that features dwarfs from the Lineage II game, and On claims it will pose quite a challenge for you. The objective of the game is to advance through all the rooms of the dungeon, collecting items, weapons and armor along the way. With each item found, a door opens somewhere within the dungeon. Use a combination of arrow keys and clicking to use items and solve puzzles. The game features On's characteristically charming graphics, a wonderful soundtrack, and it has an auto-save feature so you can play it casually, step-by-step in your free time.


Let's get started.

  • Go south (down) and pick up object.
  • South gate opens - go through it. Get the object to the right (i.e. use the right arrow on your keyboard - ignore which way you are facing).
  • Go into the little room to the south and get object. The gate locks behind you.
  • Go to the right and go through the hole in the wall. You will notice that on some walls their shadow is missing. That means that there is a hole in the wall than you can walk through.
  • Walk through the gate on the left side of the room. Pick up the object in the middle. If you fall down a hole, take a look around then climb up the stairs.
  • Downstairs you will notice there is a locked room with an object in it. To get to that object, fall through a hole from the floor above. You will have collected 5 objects by now.

The silver key.

  • Go into the top-right room. Step on the button. Some circles will appear that are made up of different numbers i.e. 1-8 circles in eight different positions which relate directly to the positions of the buttons in the room that you see on the left.
  • Push these buttons in order from 1-8 e.g.
    1. top/middle, then,
    2. middle/left,
    3. top/right,
    4. bottom/right,
    5. bottom/left,
    6. middle/right,
    7. bottom/middle,
    8. top/left.
  • You can now collect the silver (or bronze, whatever you want to call it) key.

The sack and the stick.

  • Go north (up). Stand directly in front of, and facing, the silver lock then click on the silver key at the bottom of your screen. The lock will open.
  • Walk through. Walk over the little bridge and collect the object.

  • A gate on the left will open. Go through that and unlock the green chest with your silver key. You have now collected a sack.
  • Go back to the room with the holes in it.
  • Go downstairs and open the silver lock, then the chest. You now have the stick.
  • Go back to the room just south of the room you started in.
  • Open the silver lock at the bottom.
  • Go and get the 2 objects at the bottom. You should now have 8 objects.

The book.

  • Go up then to the room to the right. Go down the stairs.
  • Go up to the blue book. Flick through by clicking on the arrow. It shows you what ingredients you need to make some tools.
  • When you have collected the correct ingredients for a particular tool, the button at the bottom of the page will turn red. You can then click on the button to collect the tool.
  • The first page shows you that you need a round thing, to go with the sack you have already collected, in order to make a magnet. Lets go get the round thing.

The maze.

  • Go back upstairs. Open the lock bottom/right and collect the object. The gate at the right will open. Go through.
  • You are confronted with a maze with 2 objects in it.
  • If you follow the wall down to near the bottom of the room, you will notice that there is a hole in the wall (no shadow).
  • Go through and collect both objects.

  • A gate has opened at the top and bottom of the room.
  • Go back out of the maze and go through the top gate.

The swinging cannon.

  • This is where you get to blow stuff up. Wahoo. This involves timing and accuracy. You need to step on the button precisely when the swinging cannon is aimed at a block.
  • Blow all three up.
  • Collect 2 objects and unlock the chest and collect the round thing. You now have enough ingredients for the magnet. Lets go get it.

The magnet.

  • Go south one room then left one room. Go downstairs.
  • Go up to the book.
  • The button on the magnet page is now red. Click on that and collect the magnet.
  • Go back up stairs.

The ice-rink.

  • Go right and down to the ice-rink room.
  • There are several different strategies for this room. Here is one:-
  • Go around the outside of the rink to the bottom. Face the right-hand gap. Click on the magnet and the metal block will slide towards you. Go back around to the top. Go into the 3rd gap from the left. Go to the left of the screen and you will have collected an object. Leave the ice-rink. Go back to the top. Go through the first gap on the left. Go right, down, right, up. Voila. 2nd object collected. (if you stuff up you can reset the metal blocks by stepping on the button in the top right-hand corner.)
  • Two more gates have opened on the left.
  • Collect an object from the top room. You will hear a gate open but won't see it.
  • The bottom one is pitch black. You will get a torch later that will light up this room. Leave it for now.
  • You will have collected 16 objects by now.

The bone, the pickaxe, and the controllable cannon.

  • Go back to the room with the swivelling cannon. You get to blow some stuff up again.
  • There is a metal block at the top-right of your screen. Line yourself up with it i.e. directly below it.
  • Click on your magnet and you will suck it towards you and into a hole. Go up. Another cannon.
  • Step on the button to fire the cannon. You want to aim at the floating moon so that it drops to the ground so you can collect it.
  • In order to do this you must push 2 buttons - one controls trajectory (height), the other controls direction (north, south etc.).
  • Go back to the room with the swinging cannon. Go through the gate at the top-left.
  • Collect the object hiding behind the torch. The gate on the left will open. Go through it.
  • Collect the object. A gate to your right will open.
  • You will also notice that there is a block with an object on top. Lets blow that up, shall we?
  • Go to the little room on the right. Step on the button once (the cannon is now pointing skywards).
  • Go back to the swinging cannon room.
  • Go into the top-middle room. Step on the button twice.
  • Go back to the room with the floating moon. Step on the button once. The cannon fires to the left and it sounds as though it has hit something important. We'll come back to that.
  • Go back to the top-middle room and step on the button once more.
  • Go back to the floating moon room. Step on the button. Collect the moon.
  • Leave that room then return to it immediately. Step on the button again. All will be revealed.
  • Go down, far-left, up, left. Collect the object that has been knocked off its block.
  • Go to the top of the room where there are 2 objects.
  • Line yourself up with the metal part of the top wall then click your magnet. You will be sucked across the ditch. Don't worry - this is a good thing. Collect both objects.
  • Move over to the right-hand side of the screen. You will see 3 little rooms and 2 bigger ones, the biggest one now has a bit of a dent in it - this happened when you fired the cannon in the same direction as the floating moon.
  • Push the metal block with the object on top to the right and into the hole in the wall. Walk over it and collect an abject at the same time. You now have 22.
  • Push the next metal block with the object on top onto the spot that your cannon landed on (the dent).
  • Go back to the floating moon room and step on the button. This will blow that block up.
  • Go and collect the object that you have knocked off its block.
  • Go left and then into the top-left little room.
  • Unlock the chest and collect the bone.
  • You now have enough ingredients for the pickaxe.
  • Go back to the room with the book and cook up the pickaxe.
  • For a short-cut you can fall into the white swirly vortex to the bottom-left of the big room.

Now you are armed and dangerous.

  • Go upstairs.
  • Go left then up to the very first room that you started in.
  • Use your pickaxe to bash the 4 arrows.
  • Step on the button and watch what happens. Alrighty.
  • Go down the stairs that the arrows were hiding.
  • Face north. Click on your magnet. Go up and collect the object (24th).
  • Go and use your pickaxe on the blobs (or whatever) at the bottom of the room.
  • Drop through the vortex, just to see where you end up.
  • Go right then down. Go and attack the blob at the top-right. Collect the moon.
  • Go down and left.

The leaf.

  • Hack your way through the blob. Then more blobs.
  • Collect the object in the middle.
  • Fight your way to the chest and unlock it. Collect the leaf.
  • Go directly up from the chest and collect a moon.
  • Go to the bottom of the room.

Now for some fun (of the timed-maze variety).

  • You have to work your way through the timed-maze, pushing the purple, blue and pink buttons along the way before the fuse on the cannon is burnt and the cannon fires. The coloured buttons, when pushed, make the coloured blocks drop out of the way of cannon fire so that the beige block on the left gets blown to smithereens.
  • Toldja it was fun.
  • This is the way that works for me:- Push the blue, pink then purple buttons, in that order. There are other ways. As soon as you push the brown button below you the fuse starts burning, and it burns FAST. OK.
  • Push the brown button, push metal block down, walk over it, go left, hack through blob, go to far-left of room, go up, click on your magnet to drag metal block towards you and into hole, go up over block-in-hole, go right, up and left, hacking blobs along the way, step on blue button.
  • 1 down, 2 to go. Easy-peasy.
  • Go right, down, left and down over the block-in-hole, push the nearest metal block one step right and one down into hole, go down over block-in-hole then right hacking blobs again until you can get to the pink button.
  • Two down, nearly there.
  • Go right, go up, face metal block and click on your magnet, go up and you will have stepped on the purple button. Wahoo.
  • If you beat the fuse (it may take many, many goes) the cannon will have blown up the bottom-left block.
  • Make your way to the little room at the bottom-left, collect the object, step on the green button, unlock the chest and collect the bottle.
  • Make your way out of the top of the room and all the way back to the book room.
  • You're gonna make a torch.

Now you have fire.

  • Once you have the torch go back upstairs, go right then down into the ice-rink room.
  • Go through the gate at the bottom left.
  • Go up and click on your torch. You now have light in this room.
  • Uh oh. A room overrun with vortexes.
  • Carefully make your way to the object. The top gate will open. Drop into the vortex at the top left-hand corner. Collect the 28th object.
  • While we're in the mood for collecting stuff lets collect that moon that you can see.
  • Go to the outside of the left wall of the little room with the moon in it. There is a hole in the wall. Go collect the moon.
  • Leave that little room and go down.
  • Go down the next room (stair-maze) and right.
  • Go downstairs.
  • Hack your way to the object and the gate will open.

Take a deep breath. You're gonna need it, and some patience, because its stair-maze time.

  • Go into the bottom part of the stair-maze.
  • Go up two steps. Click on your magnet.
  • Go into the stairs to the left, then the next lot of stairs, You are back on the basement floor.
  • Go right one step, up two, face right, click on your magnet to drag metal block into hole.
  • Go up into stairs.
  • Go into next lot of stairs, and again, and again. You should be in the basement again.
  • Collect object - notice that the gate at the top right of the screen opens.
  • Go into the right stairs.
  • Step right, up, right, up, right and you will drop into a hole.
  • Whack the blob and collect the moon.
  • Pull (with your magnet) and push the metal block until it drops into the hole on the left.
  • Walk over block-in-hole.
  • Go left into stairs. You are back where you were a minute ago.
  • Pull and push the metal block as far right and up as it will go. It will block off the pathway. That's OK.
  • Retrace your steps (go into 6 lots of stairs) until you are directly north of the metal block you just shifted.
  • Use the magnet on the block. It will drop into a hole.
  • Retrace the steps that you just retraced until you get back to that block-in-hole.
  • Go over it into another lot of stairs, and another lot.
  • Go down one step. Face left and drag the metal block into the hole using your magnet, yet again.
  • Go right until you are facing two metal blocks.
  • Drag the first one into the hole, then, drag the second one on top of the first one.
  • Retrace your steps again *sigh* until you get to the block-in-hole that you just did over on the left.
  • Go over it and go into the next set of stairs, and again. Ahhhhh, now you can unlock the chest and get the map. Wahoo.

Now we have a map, and map references, to refer to. Phew.

  • Go back through the last set of stairs you just came through.
  • Go right into the vortex. Collect object, whack blobs, into vortex again.
  • Go back to start of basement maze, go up through gate at top-right.
  • Collect object, go up through now-opened gate. Keep going up. Light torch. Aha. We've got to get the gold key.
  • Go down, keep going through the right of the maze, then right and into the stairs. Go left and up out of the top floor maze. At last.

Out of the maze.

  • Go all the way back to 1E (timed-maze nightmare).
  • Go over lowered green block and hack your way into 2E. Light her up.
  • Go right to the middle, in front of, and facing, the hole. Use your magnet to suck your way over the hole and collect the object (33).
  • Push the metal block into the hole and go over it.
  • Go up through the now-opened gate and all the way back to 4B.

The big hand.

  • Go up and left into the little alcove with the gate opened. Step on the button.
  • We have water. And trees.
  • Burn the tree and collect the object.
  • Go down and step on the button in the next alcove. We now have more ramps.
  • Go over the first ramp.
  • Whack the big middle blob above the big hand.
  • Go inside and push the metal block down. Scoot around the other way and use your magnet to drag the block so that its positioned below the index finger.
  • Get out and whack the far-left blob which is hiding a hole.
  • Drop down into the hole and light the torch. Push the button, go over the ramp, scoot on over to the bottom right torch, light it and go into the stairway.
  • 3 down, 1 to go.
  • Go back over the ramp, go up and left. Collect the object.
  • Go up into the alcove and drop into the vortex. Light the torch. The gold key is now obtainable. Drop back into the vortex.
  • Go whack some more blobs and step on the button. More water for the trees.
  • Go right to another screen, then left. The baby tree has grown. Collect the object after burning the tree.

Now, lets go for a train ride.

  • Jump on the tracks. The idea is, first of all, to navigate your way safely to the room below, collecting the object that will open the bottom gate along the way.
  • As soon as you enter the top train track room, click on the middle bottom join 3 times, the top middle one once, then the middle one two more times (so long as you've already gone over it once), the middle right one once, then the bottom one once.
  • You are now travelling on the bottom train tracks.
  • Click on the join (to the right of the bottom left one) once, the next one in your path 3 times, then once, once, twice, none, twice (collecting object), three times, once - you're out. Yay.
  • Step on the button and more ramps appear.
  • You now have 38 objects and 5 moons. Lets go get the rest, and the gold key. But first, lets have a look inside the big head.

Inside the big head.

  • Make your way over the ramps until you get to the big head house with the button on top.
  • Once you disappear into it (make sure you have the sound on) go left 2 steps, up 1, left 1 (you should hear stairs being climbed), then go down 2, right 6 (you will see her going across the front part of upstairs), then up 2.
  • You are now on the roof.
  • Step on the button and watch the little movie. Cute, huh? If you positioned the metal block in the wrong place before, you gotta go fix it and do this part again. Bummer.

The gold key.

  • Get out of the big head.
  • Once you're out, head right until you get to the stairs near the vortex.
  • Go into stairs. Collect gold key.
  • Go back into stairs.

Have a wee look at your map.

  • You can toggle between the top floor and the basement. Find where you still have things to collect.
  • Head off over to A4 and whack a blob and collect moon number 6.
  • Now armed with a gold key, go back to D4, open the lock, whack a blob, collect a moon.
  • Go to D3, open the gold lock, collect object.

The smiley face room.

  • Make your way to C1 (a.k.a. the smiley face room).
  • Open both locks.
  • Whack both blobs, collect a moon and drop into a vortex. Or two.
  • Back to the smiley face room, drag and push the metal block on the left as high up as it will go.
  • Now, the only way to get out is to drop into the vortex because you have blocked your exit. Do that.
  • Go back into the room.
  • Drag and push the same metal block until it drops into the vortex on the right. Follow it into the vortex.
  • Push the metal block into the hole.
  • Go right.
  • You are now in C4.
  • Collect moon number 9.
  • Go back to C3 and into the stairs.
  • You are back at the start.
  • Nearly there.

A couple of trees have grown around the "complete" sign.

  • So, "how do I get those?" you asked. Well, lets see.
  • Go and burn the bush hanging over the wall to the right of the sign.
  • Use your gold key on the lock.
  • Watch the stone sign swap over with a metal sign.
  • Position yourself below the sign and use your magnet.
  • Burn some trees and collect the last object and moon.
  • Be patient while something else happens for a bit.
  • Click on the blue round thing.
  • To cross the watery ditch, position yourself above the metal arrow and use your magnet. Wheeeee.

The gem.

  • Make your way back to the book room and brew up a gem.
  • Make your way to C4. Enter the flying saucer, click on your new gem.

BONUS. Neighbours: This game is played by dragging each of the colored-top creatures to one of the 9 container pots such that everyone gets along happy and content. If you put one in the wrong spot, its neighbor(s) won't like it and will have a tizzy fit. There isn't a particular solution for this one, but you get a higher rank when you complete the puzzle by moving less creatures. If you're not lucky with the positions of the testing places, it's very difficult with to complete it below 20 drags.

So, get your collaborative skills in order and help each other out in the comments!

There are also other cute flash games on the site but those are more time-restrained action arcade types, that will put your reflexes and hand-eye coordination to the test, rather than the other puzzle based order-dependent Grow games - thus not included in this list.

Do you love puzzles and games? Consider playing learning games to keep your mind sharp!

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