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26 August 2007

Ye-Old-Thinking Posts

Everyone is a writer of some sort. Whether you write a blog, an essay in school or even an email - we all need to look at our past and reflect on how to improve our writing style for the better. Some might not care but since I was tagged by LinkNotes for the 5 old posts meme, I thought it's important to take a moment and look back at what was written. You can see the changes in the tone and wording as time goes by. Don't you agree?

Take a look at these 5 posts that I think are a few of the original must-read articles and please comment here on how you see the change. Help me improve to be a better writer so I can create more thought provoking articles for you in the future!

1. 25 Open-Source Substitutes For Built-in Windows Software: Windows XP comes loaded with many useless built-in programs that you ended up dumping for a better alternative. Here is a list of a few programs (plus annoying features) that substitute for better and free (some open source) programs. These are applications that, once you start using them, you will notice you can't do without ever again!

2. How To Create PDF Without Software: If your aim is "to print a web page, word document, photo or pretty much anything else" and save it as a PDF file, you don't even need to download anything. There are two methods to create PDF files online, each method followed by a list of available free services. You can either upload a document from your computer or enter a URL (for websites) to download the PDF instantly.

3. The Legend of Power Women: This is the truly fascinating story of Queen Tomiris, who succeeded her dead husband - the former king of the Massagetae. It is said that she cut off her breast and rode into battle when her husband's head was brought back to her. It is said that she slayed Cyrus the Great (king of the Persians circa 5th century BC) by her own two hands. It is also said that she kept his head near her at all times until the day of her death!

4. Cult of Apple - Part 2: Steve Jobs is god? According to Apple fans, he is. Hilary Rosen from The Huffington Post once said "I know Steve Jobs is a god. Look, I bowed at his feet when the iPod and iTunes was created." Note that this is not a post against Apple products or the people who use them. This is about the evangelist marketing technique Apple uses and how it's similar to the way cults work.

5. The Cute Factor: Whatever needs pitching, cute can help. The human cuteness detector is set at such a low bar, researchers said, that it sweeps in. This is a major marketing tool in many cultures and great examples come from the West and Japan. Elmo, Furby, Precious Moments, and many other icons and products trade on their cuteness — not to mention the overwhelming international success of Japanese exports like Pok√©mon or Hello Kitty.

It's bad karma to break a meme so I tag the following people: Ashish Mohta, Francesco Mapelli, Liz Strauss, Greg Laden, and Nina Munteanu.

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