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24 August 2007

Top 5 Most Outrageous Japanese Female Celebrity Nicknames

People say Japanese culture is sexist, and that may be so - at least, from our Western point of view. Here, women have achieved "equality" with men and negative male character traits like sexism, exploitation and misorgynism are on the decline. Hah! Dream on. Men and women are different here too. The Japanese know this and aren't afraid to show it. Who else would come up with the USB Keyboard Bra? Without further ado then let's reveal the top five most outrageous Japanese female celebrity nicknames and delve into just why they're so naughty!

[ NSFW WARNING: Thumbnail images reveal higher resolution images containing some nudity that might not be safe for work. ]

5. Fishy: Who would want to be called that? The story goes as the lingerie model Jessica Michibata is nicknamed "sakana chan" (fishy) because she drinks a lot of water to keep her complexion healthy. Great. Is that supposed to mean she drinks like a fish or smells like one? Mermaid perhaps? I'm confused. Either way, the tale of this mermaid doll sounds fishy - ARRR!!!

4. Piggie: Not a nickname you'd expect a model to have unless she was modeling a plus-size line. Though, there's nothing plus-size about Japanese idol gravure model Yuzuki Aikawa and she is nicknamed "Burin" (piggie) just because she likes collecting pig figurines - seems a trifle unfair. Then again, any guy who hears it and still wants to date her has a very pleasant surprise in store!

3. Oshirina: This Japanese nickname is a word coined from "oshiri" (butt) and "Rina", the first name of actress/model Rina Akiyama. Nice. She also has a slightly longer nickname (Bishiri no Jyoou) which translates to "Queen of the Beautiful Butt." Now that is Japanese honesty. They call a spade a spade and a butt a butt. Did I have to trawl through a trove of sleaze mags to find this out? Nope... got all I needed to know from the respected Mainichi Shimbun newspaper's online edition.

2. Wakapai: We're getting down to it now and I'll give you a hint why: the Japanese word for breasts is "oppai." The first name of this lovely Japanese girl is Waka. Put 'em together and you get... "Wakapai"! Yes, Waka Inoue, a serious career newswoman on Japan's Fuji TV network, is known as Waka Boobs. I'm sure she's thrilled; Then again, in Japan being busty is a career move - for women anyway. And busty she is: 36C, which is well above the norm for the nation's females.

1. Suikappu: There's this one Japanese celeb who puts all else in the shade. Our well-endowed number one, Eri Furuse: "suikappu." Possessed of an effusive 38" bust that no number of sweaters and cardigans can hide, Furuse tries to play up her journalistic merits as breast, er, best she can but to no avail. She was, is and always will be suikappu, a nickname combining the Japanese word for Watermelon (suika) and the Japlish word for cup, or "kappu". That makes "melon cup". Isn't Japan wonderf... um, different? Even Furuse's bosses at Japan's TBS network face the facts, quoting this spokesman who said "Furuse isn't the main anchorwoman, but the media have been reporting that the 'suikappu' will be on, so it's good PR, at least."

So there you have it. Japan is really a world unto itself!

This article was written by Steve Levenstein from InventorSpot. Steve writes about weird Japanese innovations and you can catch up on previous weirdness from his site. If you are interested in contributing to the thinking process and become a guest writer on The Thinking Blog, find out more information here and be my guest!

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