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03 August 2007


When I started this site, I called it 'The Thinking Blog' for the following reason; it is where I write about things that I like, find useful, and ONLY stuff that I feel is worth sharing. Here is where you can find the "crème de la crème." This compilation of most popular posts, or in order words "Most Thought" posts, according to the number of comments. Hopefully you will find some of the best information available here. One bookmark for when you have time to sit down and dig in!

Without further due, here are the Top 5 most popular posts of The Thinking Blog:

Years of 2011-2012

(37 thoughts) Angry Birds Alternative Games Online
(32 thoughts) JotForm Send Files Straight to your Dropbox
(25 thoughts) Not Enough Startups
(13 thoughts) Forever Alone Like A Boss
(11 thoughts) Free MMO RTS on your browser!

Year of 2010

(31 thoughts) Do You See a Problem Here?
(27 thoughts) Breathe!
(22 thoughts) Does Using Technology Always Make You More Efficient?
(16 thoughts) Think in Relativity to Energy
(7 thoughts) Pictures Worth A Thousand Words - Post 20

Year of 2009

(15 thoughts) Google Chrome: Tough Stuff Beneath a Shiny Wrapper
(11 thoughts) The House with the Sliding Roof
(8 thoughts) Claudiopolis: Legendary History Weaved Into Nature of Mut
(6 thoughts) MemberKit Lets Non-Programmers Create Their Own Facebook-style Site
(5 thoughts) Happy Holidays Wallpaper Download

October-November-December 2008

(29 thoughts) Top 10 Most Annoying English Phrases
(6 thoughts) Taking Advantage of Suicide Discount in Real Estate
(5 thoughts) The Cost of Open Source Software
(4 thoughts) Animals Gone Wild: Homosexuality In Animals!
(3 thoughts) Ignorance is Bliss?

June-July-August 2008

(75 thoughts) Guitar Hero Clones: Play Online (Flash) or Download for Free
(17 thoughts) Tomato: Fruit or Vegetable?
(8 thoughts) 2 Ghosts 1 Belt
(7 thoughts) Malware: The Difference Between Quarantine and Delete
(6 thoughts) Blurring the Boundaries of Reality: Photo Realistic CGI

April-May 2008

(28 thoughts) Extinct Human Species Smarter Than Us?
(15 thoughts) Polyandry: Marriage with More Than One Man
(12 thoughts) The Dual Mind: Which Part of Your Mind Dominates Your Brain?
(11 thoughts) Global Child Prostitution Crisis Surges: Demand Up, Ages Down
(9 thoughts) Pictures Worth A Thousand Words - Post 17

March 2008

(21 thoughts) The BIG Idea: Social Relations as a Business Model
(13 thoughts) One Idea CAN Change the World
(12 thoughts) How To Fix the Web With Greasemonkey in 3 Minutes
(11 thoughts) All the Air and Water in the World
(10 thoughts) Pictures Worth A Thousand Words - Post 16

February 2008

(28 thoughts) 20 Fascinating Facts About the Natural Healing Power of Bananas
(22 thoughts) In Pictures: The Biggest Swimming Pool on Earth
(12 thoughts) Orgasmic Childbirth: Video Evidence? (NSFW, Obviously and 18+)
(9 thoughts) 11 Cool Concept Cars That Should Be Mass Produced
(7 thoughts) Prostitution: Story of the Oldest Profession on Earth

January 2008

(25 thoughts) Siberian Weather Hits Europe, Lakes and Waterfalls Freeze
(19 thoughts) True Zero Emission Cars Run On Air
(18 thoughts) 9 Smashing Trivia Bits on Japan's Mount Fuji
(14 thoughts) Ambitiously Viral: Free eBooks Online
(10 thoughts) The Thinking Blog Goes Multi-Author!

December 2007

(39 thoughts) Centralia: Town On Fire Since 1962
(19 thoughts) Creativity in a Photo Booth
(18 thoughts) Orgasmic Childbirth?
(15 thoughts) 10 Crazy Ways to Cool Your Computer
(14 thoughts) Being a Pavlov Dog in Holiday Season Shopping Spree

November 2007

(31 thoughts) The Five Faces of Women
(13 thoughts) Political Correctness Taken Too Far
(12 thoughts) Caligynephobia: The Fear of Beautiful Women
(11 thoughts) Please Do Not Feed Internet Trolls

October 2007

(30 thoughts) Wanted: Thinking Writers
(29 thoughts) Blog Tip: Do NOT Put Adsense on Your Blog
(20 thoughts) How Nice To See Stolen Work on Other Sites
(19 thoughts) STUDY: How To Be More Creative
(13 thoughts) 7 Tips to Deal with TMI (Too Much Information)

September 2007:

(31 thoughts) 13 Unfortunate Translations That Harmed Brand Reputations
(23 thoughts) Launched: Design Portfolio of Ilker Yoldas
(20 thoughts) Making An Exception to the No Politics Rule
(18 thoughts) Unveiled: World's First Turkish Sportscar
(10 thoughts) Green Burial: When Dust Really Returns to Dust *TIE!
(10 thoughts) How To Make Your Own Multi-Touch Pad for $2 *TIE!

August 2007:

(62 thoughts) The Thinking Blog Re-Designed!
(26 thoughts) Gothic Stalinist Soviet Skyscrapers
(19 thoughts) Chernobyl: Revisted After 20 Years After the Disaster
(18 thoughts) The Future of Power Generation: Nuclear Fusion *TIE!
(18 thoughts) How To Eat Vegetables We Don't Like *TIE!
(15 thoughts) Shrink Your Brain in 8 Easy Steps

July 2007:

(89 thoughts) Sharing Pownce Invites
(29 thoughts) Sharing Moola Invites
(26 thoughts) Meeting Your Virtual Friends
(24 thoughts) Self Mummified Monks of Japan
(13 thoughts) Getting Things Done With 5S Philosophy

June 2007:

(35 thoughts) The Design Process of a Great Logo
(26 thoughts) Kick Some Scientology Ass
(25 thoughts) Weirdest Named Places On Earth
(22 thoughts) Show Your support For Topless Women
(17 thoughts) Aurora Borealis: Nature Lights Up the Skies

May 2007:

(23 thoughts) Learning to Digg
(22 thoughts) Pictures Worth A Thousand Words - Post 6
(21 thoughts) Intelligence Can't Be Measured
(20 thoughts) The Linking Post
(18 thoughts) Scientology Exposed

April 2007:

(103 thoughts) Fave My Blog and I Fave Yours
(73 thoughts) Top 10 April Fool Pranks 2007
(30 thoughts) Guide to Blog Promotion
(29 thoughts) How To Make A Lunchbox from CD Spindle
(22 thoughts) Top 5 Most Addictive Games *TIE!
(22 thoughts) The Legend of Power Women *TIE!

March 2007:

(115 thoughts) Support Topless Women
(31 thoughts) What Do You Think? Review Contest
(30 thoughts) The Thinking Blog Dot Com
(26 thoughts) Superman in Hollywood, Bollywood and ..
(19 thoughts) How To Create PDF Without Software *TIE!
(19 thoughts) De-Activate the Bomb in 15 Minutes *TIE!

February 2007:

(92 thoughts) What Did You Get For Valentine's Day?
(42 thoughts) A Shy Blogger's Avatar and MySpamLog
(41 thoughts) Cult of Apple - Part 1
(21 thoughts) 5 Reasons Why I'm Thinking
(19 thoughts) Get A PC Ads

January 2007:

(37 thoughts) Project 2000 Bloggers
(14 thoughts) Blog with Honor
(13 thoughts) Show Some Love
(11 thoughts) Email Your Future Self
(10 thoughts) Borat Wins a Golden Globe *TIE!
(10 thoughts) Nature Calendar 2007 *TIE!

December 2006:

(15 thoughts) Guide to Blogging
(12 thoughts) Microsoft Substitutes
(7 thoughts) Web 2.0 - Another Dot Com Boom?
(6 thoughts) Evil Caffeine!
(5 thoughts) Electric Supercar *TIE!
(5 thoughts) Have Some Coke! *TIE!

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