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10 August 2007

How To Get Linked Without Cheating

According to Technorati, there are many ways to cheat your way up to get more "authority" by getting linked in unfavorable ways. Links are like the currency online and some create counterfeit factories, also known as link farms. A link farm is a group of sites that is nothing more than a page of links to other sites. Usually, these sites all hyperlink to every other page in the group. It's a form of spamming the index of a search engines (spamdexing).

Other forms link exchange systems are designed to allow individual websites to selectively exchange links with other relevant websites and are not considered a form of spamdexing. One way to get linked without manipulating the relevancy of resources indexed by a search engine, in a manner consistent with the purpose of the indexing system, is to get more "natural" links using the new Romlet widget.

1. What is it? Romlet is a blog widget that helps bloggers to easily display where their traffic is coming from. The widget shows favicon images for up to 20 top refering sources. These favicons are also links to the referring sites or pages.

2. How it works? Romlet encourages people to link to a blog with the widget in order to be listed as a top refering source. This is similar to the Top Commentators plugin. Both blog owners and blog readers can click also on the widget to thank refering sites or bloggers, or vote posts up on refering social networks.

3. Still is Beta? For now, Romlet is openly accepting beta users. Examples of Romlet on established blogs can be found on sites like Weburbanist, WallStreetFighter and Disassociated. As you can see from these sites, Romlet is highly customizable. The color, size and proportions of Romlet can be adapted to fit any blog.

Sign up to get your own widget now and enjoy a good look in the eyes of search engines.

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