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25 August 2007

Caption An Animal Challenge: Results!

Happy Caturday! Five days ago I announced the lolcat contest and today is time to show the work of our participants. I was surprised to see that there were only 5 entries - considering this was a free link exchange in disguise. In any case, I would like to thank our participants for their excellent entries and for making our day. Thank you Punk the Pump, Chris DeMarco, Liz Strauss, Kissowa Insider and Randa Clay. Without further due, here are the animals with captions for your viewing and re-captioning (i.e. how would you caption them?) pleasure.

Mom look Finally I can fly
Punk the Pump's entry

Im on your Macbook Staring in ur iSight
Chris DeMarco's entry

No wai
Liz Strauss's entry (bonus)

Tis a monster Amagad Keel
I said no pics Damn Paparazzi
Kissowa Insider's entries

Oh hai Mr kittykat I just looking for nuts
Randa Clay's entry

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