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02 August 2007


The Thinking Blog is more than just a frequently-updated source of amusing facts and interesting information. It is a stream of consciousness intended to be succinct and thought provoking. A cornucopia of eclectic topics aiming to examine a range of exciting ideas, inspirational technologies and cultural curiosities. There is something for everyone; from serious to humorous, for deep and light-hearted thinkers alike.

It is also a place where other thinkers come to share their knowledge and engage in "the thinking process" with the rest of us - a community in the purest sense. This is my vision! Here I write about many of the topics that make me think, in a world where most are too busy to stop and take some time out to reflect. I hope it will keep you thinking too.

"Knowledge grows when shared." - Bhartrihari (c 450-510)

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