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13 July 2007

Sharing Moola Invites

Who wants to be a millionaire? Actually make that 7 figure millionaire. No, seriously. Moola is an online game currently in beta test. Users can win up to $10.7 million in real money by playing games here. Moola is absolutely free, and it works through the support of their sponsors. There are no hidden tricks as far as I can tell and the games are really fun to play. Don't sign up unless you can spend some time online.

How does it work? Moola gives you a free penny when you sign up. You then put that penny on the line against other Moola users in games of semi-skill/semi-chance (each of which takes a few minutes to complete). The winner takes the cash and moves up the ladder. The loser gets another free penny and starts over. If you win the next round as well, you get $0.04. Each level works the same way, going like this - $0.01, $0.02, $0.04, $0.08, $0.16, $0.32, $0.64, $1.28, $2.56, $5.12, $10.24, $20.42... until the 30th level which is $10,737,418.24. So if you win 30 times in a row, you can cash out for millions!

How do I get paid? Speaking of cashing out, you need to make at least $10.00 to get a check (the current option is check only; Paypal is in the works). Although it is always wise not to cash out that moment because it will be hard to start all over again. Moola is currently limited to US/Canada, except Louisiana, Nevada and Quebec. International players can play and get money, but can only cash out when the international version is out. But don’t worry; It may be out soon. I am an international player as well.

What are the games? Moola now features 3 games. The first game is called "Gold Rush" which is played in 6 rounds. In each round the player has to choose one of his 6 gold nuggets (numbered from 1 to 6) and place them on a scale against the other player's choice. The winner of the round gets the value of both nuggets as well as a random nugget which is placed in the middle of the scales. The second is named "Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu" and is a take on the classic Rock Paper Scissors with a twist. In each round (6 rounds per game) one of the available choices (e.g. rock) is randomly chosen and players get bonus points for not using it whether they win or lose that round. The third game is Hi-Lo. They have modified, to some extent, the classic game of Hi-Lo, in which you'll have to determine whether the next card in your sequence is higher or lower than the last.

How is Moola financed? It employs a novel scheme in which players are given free money to wage against other players in return for watching a 10, 15 or 30-second video commercial and answering a trivia question related to the ad. Thus it allows players to place bets against other players without risking any of their own money, but that's a small price to pay for a free penny. That is probably why so many people join and play everyday and why Moola is experiencing such a fast growth rate.

Starting with more free money? You can also get money on the site by completing things like surveys (which helps get you eligible for the higher levels because it is hard to start off) and by referring people (you get a certain percent of their earnings and you even get a percent of what the people the invited make and the people they invited). The referral network is four tiers - your friends, your friends' friends, their friends, and their friends. For the first tier, the referral bonus is 4%, the second tier 3%, third tier 2%, and the last tier, 1%. You get bonuses whenever your referrals get a bonus, or when they cash out.

Since the website works on an invite only basis for the moment, we will start something similar to the Pownce invites post to get unlimited amount of people in. You know the drill, but this time it will be easier to invite others with our unique referral links.

Here's how we do:

  1. Claim your invite from through this referral link. Currently, there are 3 invites left, but apparently once they are finished we get 6 more invites.

  2. Once you receive an invite, you must return to this thread and post your referral link to invite the next 3 to 9 people in line.

That's it!

So, if you need an invite, just click the link above. If none available there, try other links in the comments section below. See you on the Rock Paper Scissors battlefield!

[This article is brought to you by cash advance]

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