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03 June 2007

Special Thanks For Your Support

Ideally I would like to thank each and everyone of you personally but due to time constrains I need to publish this short post to show my gratitude for all the support you have given me all this time. First of all, I would thank my family, friends, bloggers and all those who are reading this post right now. Thank you for your continued friendship, readership and participation in the posts.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to share my thoughts and I love connecting with the blogging community. Be it emails, chats, thoughts, mentions - now I have friends all around the world. I would like to give a shout out to those who has commented on my first guest post. I appreciate you taking the time to join in the conversation. All contributed in a positive and informative way, without any of the usual brand bashing. Thanks Justin, Sankar Anand, Robert, Tina, Hammer and Digital Nomad. I look forward to get to know you better!

Speaking of guest posts, don't think that I have forgotten you (you know who you are =). I publish one post per day and yours will be next accordingly. If anyone else is interested in contributing to the thinking process and become a writer here, be my guest!. Just watch your backlinks (or inbox when I reply to your emails with the URL) to get informed when your post is up and a big thank you for helping me out!

There are also those who chose to get some exposure and have been providing the fuel to keep The Thinking Blog going. Your assistance keeps this site running and I will be working harder than ever to deliver the best. Thanks so much to the following:

John Chow - He is an entrepreneur, the driving force behind The Tech Zone and his blog is a good resource for bloggers and people interested in making money on the Internet. John Chow recently released a free eBook on how he makes over $10,000 online.

Manager Assistant - Say hello to a highly intuitive software application that helps you store, track and organize your most important employee and business information in one place. You can download a fully functional demo version to try it out.

Life is Risky - Susan writes brief, concise posts on critical reviews, amusing anecdotes and other blog-related topics. She posts quite frequently and I find something worth reading there every week. Top 5 Sins of blogging is a must read.

Eclectic Commons - Here is a real thought provoking blog that is filled with offbeat (and interesting) information from eclectic subjects to philosophy. I especially enjoyed reading his post on sexuality and it's definitely added to my RSS reader.

Please support the sponsors so they continue the support!

Last but not least, I would like to thank Thomas Akins (no URL) who was so kind to buy me a drink (water only please).

Thanks a million!

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