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04 June 2007

Reclaim Your Brain Before It's Too Late

The brain is the engine that drives the thinking process. Like all parts of our body the brain also needs to be exercised to get the most out of it. Studies show that the human brain starts slowing down at around age 30. There are ways to keep the brain up to speed, and that's where Lumosity comes in. The site describes it as "the brain fitness program designed by neuroscientists that is scientifically demonstrated to improve your memory, attention and processing speed."

Lumos Labs have developed some quick and fun games to help stimulate the brain in those 3 areas. Find out how quickly you think, how well you remember, and how effectively you attend to the world around you. Play these IQ games to get your brain back up to speed and then brag about your scores in a comment. The best part is, it's very addictive!

Lumosity IQ games

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