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24 June 2007

Message From Your Friend

Alright. I felt the need to write this post because I noticed that some of you are still using Internet Explorer (IE) to browse my blog. Yes, you there - the one who is reading this now! Did you know you are one of the 27% of those who visited this blog in the past month with evil software? For your information, my blog is not only optimized to run better and faster on Mozilla Firefox, but it is also the case for other sites around the net as well.

Wait. Let me guess. You will say "I'm at work and we only have IE" but that is no excuse. You can get Firefox Portable in one of your thumb-drives (I'm sure you have at least one) and use it anywhere without installing it on your work computer! Why take the risk when you can use open source software with its code made available to the general public, making sure that there are no spyware inside, and promote the freedom of information?I LOVE FIREFOX

Always Use Protection

Better yet, go open source for the rest of your applications as well and stay safe all the time!

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