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29 May 2007

What Do You Think? Review Contest 4

Welcome to 4rd round of The Thinking Blog review contest. For those who are new to this contest and would like enter the next round, take a look at the original post for the contest guidelines (plus first winner) and check out the previous winner of the free blog re-design in round 3 and round 2 as well. Once again I would like to thank the following bloggers who took the time to write a review or just mentioned the contest:

Honorable Mentions:

The winning reviews are... drumroll please

Favicon Winners: Jessy Chow's Linky Love and BetShopBoy's I Thought, Therefore I Blog .

Blog Design Winner: Tamara Pruessner's Mommy's Getaway .


She wanted her blog re-design to look very similar to the upcoming design (not done by me) of her dot com site in exchange for this excellent review. I designed her blog according to what she asked: Pink, pink and more pink! So, check out the new blog design and favicon but make sure you don't leave without reading the content. One last thing - please comment on the posts as well.

Quick tips for those who didn't win a re-design or review The Thinking Blog yet: it's never too late. The contest is still going on and by reviewing this blog you get quality linkbacks to help your ranking and a chance to win a free blog re-design! Those who read, comment and link to the posts in the archives get extra points. The further down the road, the better. Graphic elements like screenshots or using the "Thinking Alien" logo earns you extra points. If you are really enjoy reading The Thinking Blog, showing some link love in your blogroll will help too!

Note: From now on you can also get a linkback just by mentioning the contest.

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