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05 May 2007

Learning to Digg

A couple of friends asked me the "secret" of making a story popular on our favorite social news site Digg. Well, there is no secret! If you are an active Digg member, then you already know how this site functions. Moreover, it all boils down to "Content is King" principle like anywhere else. Otherwise people will mark your story as "lame" or "spam" and within minutes your story will be buried.

It's a short list but here we go:

5. Be Active. Submit, digg and comment on stories. Don't forget that Digg is also a social network.

4. Know the culture. By being active, everyday! That's the only way to learn what people likes and dislikes.

3. Compress Information. Get to the point with minimum number of words required. That's why not just Top 10 but even 301 lists work.

2. Don't ask for votes. If your friends like what they read, then they should be submitting the post they just read to Digg like second nature. Make sure you have an icon and link similar to the one on this blog.

1. Let Kevin Rose submit it. This works 101% (?) of the time. Really!

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