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02 May 2007

Intelligence Can't Be Measured

Hammer is trying out a new link experiment called World’s Smartest Man similar to Technorati favorites done before. However, this list of alleged smart people reminded me of the man who's ego is bigger than his IQ (210!?) - Chris Langan. Which is, of course, inaccurate because the only organization that does standardized IQ testings is Mensa. This guy did a test in a newspaper, which can (and probably is) be just some random bunch of puzzles collected by a journalist.

Moreover, IQ only measures so much of a person's abilities. What makes a successful person is the combination of their intelligence, drive, motivation, and determination. Here is the lame documentary about Chris Langan explaining his life story rather than provide any sort of validation short of baseless claims.

Let's assume being modest is inherently illogical, since modesty is an empathetic reaction to your perception of others' emotional states. Therefore, if your stated goal is a world ruled by logic, being modest about your intelligence would be a contradiction. On the other hand, if I had his level of (supposed) intelligence, I'd be reading every book I could get my hands on, and try to come up with meaningful solutions to the world's problems.

Looks like he's put every single point of his IQ towards making excuses for his own failings.

Brain Fitness: Einstein's Riddle, The River Puzzle, The Bomb Game and The Maths Question.

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