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11 April 2007

What Do You Think? Review Contest 2

For those who missed the first round of the contest and would like to review The Thinking Blog, take a look at the original post for the contest guidelines and previous winner of the free blog re-design. Once again I would like to thank the following 5 bloggers who took the time to review my blog but didn't win this time. You can always write a better review if you like but feel free to contact me if you need any design tips.

Honorable Mentions:
Special Thanks: I would like to acknowledge Digital Nomad who did a second review on his other blog Soho Quest but didn't want to enter the contest with it.

The winning reviews are... drumroll please

Favicon Winner: Sean Dinner's Just An Idea . The second best review in round 2 of the contest and you just gotta love that screenshot!

Blog Design Winner: Agent Sully's Life Learning Today .


Not only this fabulous mom wrote a comprehensive, well researched, or put simply an excellent review, but she also filed the entry under Celebrities! When I first read it I thought "no one could come up with a better review than that" and I was right. Thus, I gladly offered my services for free to the best review in this batch. She was extremely kind in her emails and said that she didn't want anything fancy to keep "all things easy to read.. and boxy." So check out her new header image, color combinations and a matching favicon. Please make sure you don't leave her blog without reading the content and commenting on the posts.

Quick tips: For all the others who didn't review The Thinking Blog yet, it's not too late. The contest is still going on and by reviewing this blog you get linkbacks to help your ranking and a chance to win a free re-design! Those who read, comment and link to the posts in the archives get extra points. The further down the road, the better. Graphic elements like screenshots or using the "Thinking Alien" logo earns you extra points. Also I urge you to not make my avatar the main discussion of the post. Everyone knows Natalia! It's overdone and there are much better, timeless quality articles in the archives to talk about.

Let the best review win!

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