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07 April 2007

Never Go To Bed With Less Than 4 Women

Talk about risqué photos of course! When one of the leading men's magazine "Ché" released a special edition advertising campaign a little while ago, I thought "Great, now everybody will have a hot chick in his bed every night!" I was wrong. Even if you want to be the best girlfriend ever and get one of these bedsheets for your boyfriend - you can't! Unfortunately, these Maxim-style bedding sheets were just made for a newspaper promotion.

Until I saw it on TV. Well, not quite "TV" but! If you aren't following the Internet close enough then allow me to update you. Justin Kan had a great idea of attaching a camera to his cap and continuously stream live video and audio of what he is seeing and hearing. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! He went live three weeks ago and has since reached a peak simultaneous viewership of 19,000 viewers. Kind of like a real-life Edtv or The Truman Show.

No more lonely nights. Now Justin takes off his camera at night (switching to a camcorder on a tripod) but you can still see him sleeping in bed. Must be a coincidence that he has beautiful girls all over his bed... sheets! Upon further investigation, I found that these cheeky photos are of the world-renowned photographer Tanya Chalkin. I think her posters decorate almost every guys dorm room (and dreams). Click the links below to see the full sized images. Probably Not Safe For Work [NSFW]?

Sleeping Beauties................................................................................Kiss..............

Dreams become reality! Now you can get the life size print of Tanya Chalkin's iconic images on a bed comforter from Reality Bedding and encourage the college crowd to keep their beds neat and tidy! Now, how come they don't make bedsheets with hot dudes on it?

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