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01 April 2007

Generating a Buzz: More Fame and Success

The Thinking Blog is hot like fire! Today I was checking the site statistics and noticed that there was another flood of visitors, not to mention an increase in the number of RSS readers. At first I thought The Thinking Blog (TTB) was featured in a high profile blog or one of the posts made the frontpage on Digg. Upon further investigation I found that it was neither. Apparently, TTB has been creating so much buzz on the Blogosphere, even Google noticed it!

That's right. The Blogger Team hand-picks "interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs" among millions of blogs out there and features them as "Blogs of Note" in the Google's Blogger homepage. What's more, the recognition doesn't end there. The Thinking Blog is also featured on the Blogger's official blog Blogger Buzz and takes its place in the history of the Internet as a Blog of Note. This has been quite a day for me and I'm loving all the comments and emails. Thanks Google!

..... .....

Of course, none of this would be meaningful without all you loyal "thinkers" a.k.a. friends, readers and fellow bloggers who keep coming here to take your daily dose of fuel to keep thinking. It seems like this buzz will never die down as long as I keep my hyper-creativity exploding. Thank you, each and every one of you! Special thanks to the RSS readers!

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Finally, I would also like to thank the first sponsor of The Thinking Blog - John Chow!

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