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06 March 2007

What is Your Blog Juice Worth?

Before you judge the quality of today's entry (weekdays = busy) I have to say that I had less time to think while tweaking the comments system. Although this was something on my to do list for a long time, I didn't hassle the code until one of the review contest posts highlighted that it would be better if clicking the "Post a comment" didn't redirect to the standard comment form. Try leaving a comment and see if you like it!

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think bloggers often check their Technorati rank to see if their blog popularity increased or not. If you are checking it too often then you might be suffering from blog addiction! For those who fall into that category then perhaps this little applet created by Business Opportunities Weblog might not be something new. It uses the Technorati’s API which computes and displays what your blog is worth. Basically, that value corresponds to the number of blogs that link to your site. When I check for this blog, I get a whopping $255,736.62! I think it is a bit inflated, don't you?

Just yesterday I discovered a new kind of analysis tool called the Blog Juice calculator created by the web advertising company Text Link Ads. It computes a score using Bloglines RSS subscriber data, Alexa rank, Technorati rank, and Technorati inlinks. Not perfectly accurate but interesting to compare your blog to others popular ones in a vertical table. It saves you time rather than entering each one of them! Being a blog addict, I quickly run a test for this blog only to get 4.7 litres of juice! Compared to 9.8 of Gizmodo, the thinking blog is severely lacking pulp, vitamin C and just squeezed freshness.

My advice is to not get caught up with these numbers too much. I think they are simply done for fun. Just remember that even Seth Godin doesn't check his Technorati ranking "because the data won’t change [his] actions. Getting data for no good reason just drives you crazy."

Lets do it then! What is your blog juice and how much is it worth?

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