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27 March 2007

Thinking is Not Easy

[Via: AngryMedic]
Busy Day. Not much time to "think" so here are some quick updates:

- Technorati won't transfer the links from my old address to the new one because they only cater the Top 100. *sigh* Please fave my blog by clicking the image above and help me get there! Also feel free to email me your blog's fave link so I can return the favor.

- Did I mention, because of the above, every outgoing link from my blog counts as two links? Yeah, it does. So if you already haven't written a critique of my blog, consider doing one now to get two linkbacks and a chance to win a killer favicon and blog re-design! Not to mention traffic that will flow over to your blog from the exposure.

- Still trying to implement some hacks on my blog before I can write the post about all the hacks / widgets / tools I use along with where to get the 3d buttons, icons, and other graphics. It will also be sort of part 2 for Guide to Blogging but that one was for beginners. Though, check out the comments section (and even track the comments for new updates) for some stunning templates I hand pick from the web.

- The posts I mentioned waiting in drafts are still waiting in drafts due to time constraints. Also don't hesitate to leave comments on my old posts because I read them all via email and repond to all the questions.

- Meanwhile, I've also been experimenting with other social networks apart from MyBlogLog. You can now add me as a friend on Digg, StumbleUpon, Flickr and 9rules (total n00b there). I will also add you back.

- Sponsors: The Thinking Blog now accepts text links for the sidebar on top of the icons, buttons, and banners mentioned before. Moreover, I haven't set fix prices yet (doing some market research) so I will consider your offers if you hurry!

[ This post is brought to you by Hillary Clinton T-shirts ]

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