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19 March 2007

Success, Fame and Making Money Online

The Thinking Blog has a posse; Watch out Blogosphere, here comes the thinkers! Now I never thought of blogging the statistics for this blog but things have gone mental ever since I wrote the Support Topless Women post. It is the most popular post followed by Nature Calendar 2007 and Microsoft Substitutes. What's more, not only it was comprehensively discussed here with 100 comments, but also on Reddit with 139 comments and Digg with 318 comments.

Lasting effects of success. The number of RSS readers quadrupled from 125 to about 500 and since has been fluctuating plus/minus 10 according to Feedburner:

Traffic to my blog showed a huge jump when the article started creating a buzz and is still looking good according to Google Analytics:

Some more interesting statistics about the visitors of this blog such as operating system, browser version, screen resolution and connection speed:

The only thing that wasn't affected is The Thinking Blog's community in MyBlogLog. The number of members showed a steady increase ever since I opened an account. Of course, replacing the logo avatar with this one had a little bit of effect too. Thus, making the 5th largest community hot hot hot:

Monetizing without disturbing. I also never thought of making money with this blog but by not doing it I realized I'm leaving a good amount of pocket money on the table. However, I don't want this blog to turn into an Adsense blog and make the content difficult to read. I think the best way to do it is by taking sponsors (no adult/gambling sites) to the sidebar somewhere. These are some options I have in mind:


Favicons (16x16) ..... Avatars (48x48) ..... Buttons (120x60) ..... Banners (125x125)

I'm a total noob when it comes to making money with a blog. I have no idea how much to charge, how long to display an ad or even which type of ads to go for! Please take the poll below and guide newbies towards the right direction.

If these options are totally off in your view, please share your experience/knowledge via comments. Your help is much appreciated!

SPONSORS: Don't hesitate to contact me for more information, potential offers or even just a chat!

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