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04 March 2007

Sex, Cars and Sound Systems

At times the topic of the day will be about interesting advertisements and marketing techniques that make me think under the Ads section of the thinking blog. This post is perhaps one of the most "open" for discussion. Sex sells, no doubt about that. People with a dirty mind might immediately visualize sex as in, well.. do I really have to describe this? You know - sex, drugs and rock'n roll - that sex! Though, there are times when sex can be cute as well.

Now that video works really well in terms of marketing because watching it makes me want to buy that heavy sound system for my car (after I buy a car of course). However, coming with new ideas can sometimes be difficult for creative agencies as we saw earlier in another post. This is especially true when it comes to promoting a product with sex. The aim in the next video is once again meant to portray sex as being "cute" but it can go wrong and turn out a bit perverted? Please, only ages 18+ for this one:

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