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21 March 2007

How To Get Your Blog Recognized

Content is King! In this article I will discuss several methods that will help your blog get some recognition. The first and most important is obviously your blog's content. I advocate quality entries and share some great blogs from time to time. If your content is good enough to make us think then send me the links to your top posts via email. However, the blogger I will feature today also utilizes other strategies to get recognized apart from pure quality content.

Definition of Quality. This is the kind of bloggers that not only make you think, but they make you blog. It makes you want to tell someone about what you just read. Somehow, you can’t help it! However, the content of this blog is so good, cramming those hidden posts in the archives here would not do them justice. A different entry must be made just for those posts. All this would have gone unnoticed, hadn't I received an email from Broc Copeland.

Introducing Existential Ventures. Broc is a college dropout with a quest to make big money online. I'm not assuming that, but I know it from his own words when he says "I dropped out of college to become an Internet entrepreneur." He blogs about "one website/video/plugin/whatever else [he] think deserves to be featured daily that [he] think is worth giving some recognition." The about page goes on to give a more detailed explanation. I simply love the fact that he decided to not write about tech news like every other tech blog. There is nothing more annoying than seeing the same story being duplicated on several sites. Unless you are adding your own views along, don't post something that is already covered.

Captivating All Eyes. The blogosphere is growing steadily with a rate of one blog every half second. Like all new things, you need to promote your blog in order to get recognized. Otherwise, the quality content you write will not find its way to potential readers. Broc is using a number of strategies to build readership. First, he started a giveaway where you can enter to win the prize of a Canon Photo Printer (Pixma iP1700). Then, he mass emailed a lot of other popular bloggers to tell about it. Although this second tactic is usually frowned upon, I found his email polite and him giving back quality content for us to read was a fair move. Finally, he launched the One Million Dollar Race website encouraging bloggers "become more successful at making money online and network together to help each others cause." Currently the participants are Broc Copeland, Garry Conn and Nenad Ristic but I'm expecting this list to grow really soon.

I think it is an interesting campaign and I'm looking forward to see the results. Stay tuned.

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