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26 March 2007

Eureka: Futuristic Eyewear Displays

A dream come true. No, seriously. I remember drawing a concept like this when I was 15 years old (back in 2000) hoping one day it would become a reality. The technology of Lumus Ltd. has just received the Red Herring 100 Europe Award, a recognition given to the 100 "most promising" companies driving the future of technology. No larger than standard eyeglasses, the PD-20 Series offers a “natural look”, a convenient viewing experience and high image quality.

The eyewear displays are based on a technology called Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) that delivers a virtual image to the eye, used to enlarge images from digital gadgets like iPods and cell phones. The actual element is a sliver of flat glass or plastic that incorporates a set of embedded reflective facets. When embedded into standard eyeglasses, the miniature micro-display transmits the image into the special Lumus optical element where the eye is then able to view the image. The current version creates a virtual screen on your Field-of-View (FOV) with a maximum resolution of 640x480 (VGA).

Here is how the company explains the workings of its wearable display:
The Lumus PD-20 Professional Series Displays offer full see-through, full color and high brightness. The frameless, top-down design, enables unobstructed peripheral vision, and is particularly suitable for mounting on professional head-gear. The superior performance of the Lumus PD-10 makes it the optical wearable display solution for mixed and augmented reality (MR & AR) applications.
Pinch me, is it for real? To be mass produced or just a prototype - judge for yourself, but take a look at the following pictures. It looks like real to me! Pricing and availability to be announced. Keep tuned.

Pictures of Lumus Eyewear Display
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