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07 March 2007

Discover Your Birthday Color

Just as astrological signs suggest your personality, your birthday color is a key that connects your inner and outer world. It resonates with the qualities that you have within. Its purpose is to align you with your essential self while supporting you on your life's journey. Sponsored by Pantone, the global color authority to design professionals, Colorstrology is designed by meta-physician Michele Bernhardt to share information, insight and inspiration.

Even if I'm not all that swayed by Astrology, it was amusing to read an accurate description when I skip the intro, pick the month and then select the day of my birth. Apparently my colour is "Lion" (PANTONE 17-1330) which implies that I'm "unusual, complex and innovative." The rest follows:

YOU have an enormous amount of energy at your disposal. Leading others and sharing insights are just some of your abilities. The creative arts are a natural for you. You were born on the cusp of the old and the new way of doing things so you are often part of a revolution and a new way of seeing things. Learn how to balance spontaneity with stability. Your personal color resonates with integration. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Lion helps balance your energy so you feel alive without feeling scattered or overwhelmed.

Well I might get a sweater of that color but I'm not sure if I would paint my walls to some form of pastel brown. Also worth mentioning, there is a Colorstrology Dashboard Widget for Macs showing a different color profile every day. Viral marketing at its best!

[Via: Inspiration Bit]

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