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25 March 2007

De-Activate the Bomb in 15 Minutes

Stop the terrorists! Here is another game to stimulate your brain. This time, however, there are no clues. All we know is that on a calm and peaceful day you receive an unknown package with a note stuck on it. Suddenly you realize that you have unknowingly activated this package bomb! Your phone lines have been cut and if your attempt to flee the bomb will be detonated remotely. Your only chance of survival is by deactivating the bomb.

The timer has started to count down and you've got only fifteen minutes to solve the various puzzles and defuse the bomb. Be patient and hold your nerves to figure out the solution to each puzzle and save your life! Good luck.

Please share any tips and clues in the comments because I've spent the whole Saturday evening trying to figure it out and it seems like Sunday will be no different!

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