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15 February 2007

What Did You Get for Valentine's Day?

February 14 is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other; sending Valentine's cards or candy. But instead of discussing about the candy that I got (!), I would like to follow up on some of my previous posts because I feel that these updates are too important to be overlooked. Plus, I don't want to mess up the already long posts by making them longer!

First of all, I would like to thank all my friends who provided feedback on yesterday's post. I made some changes according to the suggestions. What do you think?

- Removed Translate panel. Let me know if anyone needs it back.

- Bookmark/email this post. I will remove or replace them in the future.

- Down sized the fonts. Does it look better now?

- Shuffled the sidebar panels. 'About this Blog' panel didn't look good when higher up.

- Huge RSS Feed icon near the top. For all you RSS-aholics out there! If that isn't big enough, check this out:

Feed Me!

UPDATEThinking Blogger Awards: . Are you a thinking blogger or a blogging thinker? Probably the best meme blogosphere has ever seen. Well, I guess it would be better if I didn't limit the number of nominations to 5 but that is the whole point. Only the best gets a 'Thinking Blogger' award! =)

Due to its nature, the nominated bloggers are (obviously thinking and) making little adjustments to the rules. For example, Greg added:
"If you do not follow the rules, snakes will take up residence in your basement and you will get a flat tire. Or worse. Tires will take up residence in your basement and you will get a flat snake. "
But it doesn't seem to work all the time. Myers like snakes, and adds:
"Extortion just won't work, especially when the threat is so tantalizing."
John L. Bell went further and specified a criteria:
- No blogs with so many contributors coming from so many directions that they have an unfair advantage over solo practitioners.
- No blogs that I rely on primarily as news digests, however much I rely on them.
- No blogs that I see have already received the Thinking Blogger designation.
Tim Abbott added inclusive criteria, emphasizing:
- Blogs I read daily and that post regularly.
- Blogs that stimulate thoughtful commentary and foster informed debate.
- Blogs that present ideas and information that are consistently fresh, unusual, and thought provoking.
This is creativity! But the most important thing is that I found really nice blogs through this meme in the past few days. And it's not just me. As far as I can see from the comments left on those posts, lots of great content is brought to people's attention. Some of the blogs really makes me pause to think.

For example, one of the blogs tagged by Nirmala is called Indexed, a blog which is worth a daily feed. The blogger mentioned is Jessica Hagy who draws Venn Diagrams and graphs on Index cards to get her point across. Imagine a graph with the X-Axis as number of brain cells stimulated and the Y-axis as number of words. Most blogs reside in the upper left corner. Indexed sits comfortably in the lower right. This delightful sketch, "What are you getting for Valentine's Day?", seems to fit here just in time:

What are you getting for Valentine's Day

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