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02 February 2007

Top 10 Real-life Games

People adopting elements and acting out the role of characters from video games is always fun to watch! Staged mostly by fans, as you might expect, certain videos are low-budget (amateur!) shorts. I have not included any scenes from the movies based on games (they tend to have a bad reputation). Here is the Top 10 list of live action performances for your enjoyment:

1. Grand Theft Auto

2. Double Dragon
3. Tekken
4. Counter Strike
5. Devil May Cry
6. Pac Man
7. Super Mario
8. Sims 2
9. Mortal Kombat
10. Legend of Zelda
Honarable Mention: Paperboy Ad
Which one is your favorite? Other clips that did not make it in the Top 10 list (for various reasons) are posted in the comments section.

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