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04 February 2007

The River Puzzle

I'm a sucker for mental stuff! Here we have an IQ flash game that is supposed to provide employment for those who solve it in China. I got it in my inbox sometime last year, so nothing new for those who get a lot of forwarded emails. Everything is in Chinese but the aim is to get everyone on the other side of the river, and the following rules apply:
1. Only 2 people allowed on the raft,
2. Cop can't leave Thief alone with others,
3. Mom can't be with boys without Dad,
4. Dad can't be with girls without Mom,
5. Children alone can't operate the raft.
Initially the puzzle seems daunting with a large number of possible moves, however there is in fact very little choice as the wrong moves prevent any further moves. There is only one possible solution produced with the least number of moves. Give it a try before checking out the comments for a hint and the solution.

Start by clicking the big blue circle on the right.

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