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10 February 2007

Haiku Movie Reviews

Most of us have very limited time and anything that helps saving it gets a thumbs up from me. First of all, Haiku is the art of Japanese poetry, usually consisting of seventeen syllables - organized into three lines of 5, 7, 5. Traditionally, these poems represent an intense emotion or vivid image of nature and is designed to lead to a spiritual insight.

Ever wanted to know about a movie before you watch it? Avoid going for the bad ones by reading the quick movie poems on Review in Haiku. It is even shorter than watching a trailer, plus funny! If you find these reviews too long, then check out the one word rating. In any case, a movie can only be either 'Awesome', or 'Good', or 'Okay', or 'Bad', or 'Awful'.. I'm loving it! Meanwhile, don't forget that film criticism can help you decide which movies to see but it is very subjective by nature. Here is a nice example for Borat's movie (2006);
Borat go U.S.
Mocks America. Is nice.
Pamela no like.

Rating: Good.
Subtle, precise and concentrated! But, personally, I would disagree on the rating and give it 'Awful'.

Ever wanted to watch several movie trailers in one page? Okay, I'm using too many cliches today but I have to mention MG Siegler's other blog, Trashing Trailers, as well. In this one, you can load all the trailers at once and come back to watch them in a row when they are done downloading. Another time saver in an age of sluggish Internet connection speeds! For me at least..

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