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02 March 2007

Enough is Enough

I've had it with Blogspot domain name and hosting service. First off, the domain name is not fit for my blog. I received many comments from readers who were surprised to see that "the thinking blog" was nothing like Blogspot blogs they ever saw before. The hosting service is a different story and just gets on my nerve. It is unreliable with all the down times. Notice that there wasn't a post yesterday?

We need to have our daily dose of fuel to keep thinking!

These days owning a domain name is not difficult. However, I share the same fate as all students and cannot afford one when I need to save every penny for buying noodles. Unfortunately, that is my daily dose of food! Likewise, hosting costs another fortune and I need your help. If you could chip in even as little as $2 then hopefully I will have enough by next week (chip in ends March 8th).

Thank you for supporting The Thinking Blog!

For a domain name I think GoDaddy is the one to go for but I have no idea about hosting. For those who use a hosting service on their blog, which one would you recommend and why?

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