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27 February 2007

Due To Overwhelming Demand

It seems from the results of yesterday's post, everyone wants the Natalia avatar back. Though, I was expecting more votes on the silhouette of my head. The poll is still open in case you have changed your minds but I have abandoned the plan to stick with the "blinking cartoon character" avatar for a week. I was a bit put off by the rude private messages I got on MyBlogLog. The blogosphere seems to be a colder place for the male gender.

Since this post doesn't offer much of your daily dose to keep thinking, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the categories of posts I have on my blog:
I hope you will excuse me for not providing genuine "content of value" for today. After all the hard work I put in this blog, the discouragement I get just doesn't leave much will to write. I have learned a lesson yesterday and that is marketing your blog is considered spam even if your link doesn't lead to a pop-up trying to sell you Viagra. I'm sorry but there is nothing for sale here.

I have also decided to switch from being an active user to being a passive user on MyBlogLog. So, if you would like to reach me and get a quick response, please send me an email. Feel free to spam my inbox with emails containing links to your latest posts. Don't worry, I will not flare over simple things like these because an email can be easily ignored if it is a sales pitch. Keep tuned for quality content.

The sun sets today to rise again tomorrow.
- Ilker Yoldas

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