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07 February 2007

Digg Winamp Skin

Here is something I wanted to do for a long time. There are two things that I need a fix every single day; a source for what's popular online and, of course, food for the soul - music! Being a design and usability conscious person, I look for the cleanest and the fastest ways of doing things. In this case, the weapons of choice are Digg and Winamp.

Digg is a site that I check to find interesting news submitted and "dugg" by users. I think the reason why it is the most successful social bookmarking site on the web is not only because it is a democratic system where users have the editorial control over front page material, but also because the design and usability is perfect. There is nothing to criticise! Its functional, user friendly design is removed of all the unnecessary clutter and elements you don't need.

Winamp has focused on four primary design tenets that drive its success: Continued focus on the size and performance of the player itself, support for the widest range of audio and video formats of the major players, unique features for the audiophile looking for the highest quality output from a digital media player and a design architecture that allows as much community-driven extensibility as possible. Enough said!

Now, let's make some fusion! Inspired by the Digg WMP skin I found yesterday, and after 5 hours of pixel play in MS Paint, I made the Digg Winamp Skin:

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