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06 January 2007

Most Exclusive Seaside Resort

Uniquely designed and exclusive residences as well as a new destination for the rich and famous in Egypt who wants to explore the Red Sea region in complete luxury. Vantage has asserted that Serrenia is a futuristic vision for ultra luxurious real estate projects. This stunning development, inspired by the unique landscape in which it is situated, has been designed by Foster & Partners.

This mega marina is a colossal $2.7 billion-dollar residential development on the Red Sea coast in Egypt, an hour's flight from Cairo. The complex includes a spa with an elevated infinity pool, a 200-bedroom, seven-star hotel, residential areas that include palaces, villas and apartments and a shopping area beneath a floating roof.

Serrenia's Marina 'Hub' is one of the focal points of the development - with an extraordinary wave shaped floating roof. The marina also features a flying-saucer-style yacht club that looks more like an airport lounge and in the center this blimp-on-end, the Serrenia Beacon. The development is also believed to house the biggest yacht. Work on the marina, which involves creating a big basin, will start at the tail end of this year with completion set for 2008.

Click for more pictures and a video here.

[Via: GR8 Egypt]

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